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Helen Thomas Brand Identity

Helen Thomas is an incredibly talented garden designer who offers a fully tailor made service from conception, to project managing the final build. Using a blend of technical planning and creative flair Helen creates stunning gardens for her clients. To date Helen has built up a great reputation without a real brand or web presence, but the time was right to create a new brand identity to help take the business to the next level, and add the professional touch Helen deserves!  
Pepsi Shock

Brightening the Daily Commute

Whilst walking down the street in London the other day I passed one of these posters and just had to share! It wasn't so much the poster that caught my attention, but the the reactions of the people in the bus shelter - their reaction was not too dissimilar to those commuters in this video, you'll see why! Now I'm not sure this would be such a welcome distraction on my drive into work, but on any other form of transport it sure would make the early morning commute more interesting. I guess
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Light at the end of the tunnel

As most of you know the Flourish studio was flooded over Christmas and it’s been a fairly long process getting back to normal again!

We’ll give you the full tour and synopsis of our little adventures once the office is finished (new desks should be arriving next week) but our new office light turned up a few days ago and we love it!

Have a great weekend!



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Brand Identity for Mrs Wright & Co

Introducing Mrs Wright & Co! We were given the lucky task of creating a brand identity for this new business and we had great fun with it. Mrs Wright & Co provide a service offering families the opportunity to invite and employ a full time Nanny & Housekeeper into their homes. Karina came in full of ideas and vision for the direction of the brand. It was up to us to take those inspirations and create something individual, cool and with the eclectic tone that Karina was so excited by. Mrs
365 Best Websites of 2013

One of the 365 Best Websites of 2013

It's not every day that your work gets published, but today is that day! We were very excited this morning when this book landed on our door mat. You may have read previously about our nominations for various awards for our work with Create Pilates, that work has now been recognised as one of the 365 best websites of 2013 as voted for on Awwwards. The book comes with an augmented reality app that really brings the content of the book to life with animations literally popping from the
Academy Of Wedding & Event Planning Cover Image

Brand Identity For AWEP

Kylie who is the founder of AWEP contacted us last year to create a new brand identity to promote 'The Academy' as the one of the leading e-learning experts for wedding and events. With campuses in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and now moving into the US, the company is growing rapidly, and the time is perfect to create a stunning new brand that communicates strength and substance, but also makes them shine! Wedding & Event planning is a visual industry so we needed to push the current
Paper Art

Paper Art Good Enough to Eat

Have you ever seen paper look so appetising..?! Eaters is an annual food festival held in Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, Bandung, Indonesia. The theme last year was "Zakura no Shiizun" which translates from Japanese to Sakura Flower Season. This beautiful work was created by Ira Carella Wijaya who, inspired by the Japanese theme chose origami and papercraft as her main concept. Whilst Indonesia is a long way to go for a food festival, if the food served was half as good as the origami
Pink Blue & You Branding & Website

Branding & Website for Pink, Blue & You

Introducing the new Pink, Blue & You brand identity and website! Rachael Tapping (the proud owner) got in touch a few months back for us to develop her brand and website, and we think Chloe has created something stunning! Rachael creates beautiful, custom made photo art from your cherished images, introducing a colour palette to the picture that either compliments the photos, taps into the personality of the subject or just matches your home. With a fantastic eye for creating montages
Typography Poster

City Inspired Typographic Posters

To start the new year we have been looking at some great typography and stumbled across these great city inspired posters from Show Us Your Type. Collated by NEUE, the collection displays posters submitted by designers from across the globe. It's worth thing a look at the Tokyo section of the site that uses animated gifs to display their work. Some cities have distinctive landmarks and skylines whilst others are famed for their atmosphere and sensory experience and this has been demonstrated
Starbucks Red Cup

Festive Drinks (& Branding)

Why is it that a small, seemingly insignificant change can make such a huge difference...? Every year we find ourselves giddy with expectation and excitement awaiting the release of the famous (some may say infamous) red cup. We were all feeling a little bit jaded following our Christmas party this weekend (as I'm sure many of you can sympathise with) so it was off to our favourite coffee shop! Maybe it was the smell of freshly ground coffee attracting everyone through the door, maybe it was