5 Simple Steps to writing more powerful copy

The sad truth is that most business writing fails to pull a response. Often it's self absorbed: focusing too much on the company's history and 'benefits' rather than what the client really needs. Sometimes it's too generic and doesn't ask for a response. And sometimes it just misses the mark that the reader (assuming they get to the end…) is left thinking "so what?".

If you're going to invest your time and money in marketing your business then it's essential that you maximise your response with powerful copy. I've recently written an email for my Copywriting Workshop on 24th September that's already pulled in 18 sales from just ONE email. Many people running workshops struggle to sell more than three or four full price places. So how did I do it? Let me share the formula with you. You can choose whether you come and learn how to put it into practice on the 24th or whether you use this process to simply improve your own copy. Whatever you do, please do let me know how you get on!

Five Simple Steps to writing more powerful copy

1. Focus: establish what you're trying to achieve
2. Find the pain: Use SPIN (situation, problem, implication, need) to get to your client's pain. Argue with yourself or a friend to get to the root of the clients problem and how you solve it. Once you/ they can "feel" the pain in your gut you know you're on to a winner.
3. Create a powerful Headline. I have a formula for creating 13 different types which I share on the copywriting workshop. If you don't have that, write as many different types as you can.
4. Use AIDCA to create a strong structure: Attention (the headline), Interest, Desire, Conviction, Action. I've put plenty of AIDCA explanations on the blog…
5. Review, revise, chop, take a break. Rinse and repeat. 

Do let me know how you get on! And if you'd like some feedback on copy you've written – either with or without the help of my winning formula then book a place on the Copywriting Workshop on the 24th September and you can claim free feedback and two weeks of free email support while you sculpt and tone your winning copy.

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