Jenny Stewart Photography

A brand identity for real life photographer, Jenny Stewart

Jenny is brimming with infectious smiles, energy and excitement and after an equally exciting meeting with her we found ourselves armed with a great brief to take her brand identity in a confident direction. Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to meet her gorgeous little Border Terrier, Bill, but the picture shows how adorable he is!


Her talent shines through in her ability to work with naturally lit scenarios for her photography. This focus on catching awesome shots with nothing but natural light means her work is delightfully honest and Photoshop doesn’t even get a look in. Now that’s admirable for any photographer!

Wanting to build on her current customer base and continue doing what she loves the most; family, commercial and personal photography, Jenny approached us to give her business the right look, feel and impression and most of all, communicate all that wonderful passion she has for her work.

Colours are muted with grey undertones to communicate sensitivity, perfectionism and loyalty, and we’ve given this plenty of backbone with a confident black that adds weight and substance. Jenny has an incredible ability to understand light and how best to use it to make a remarkable shot so it’s important the serious side to her understanding comes through in her branding.







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01483 401818
Flourish, 5 Millmead,
Guildford, Surrey, GU2 4BE