Anthropologie comes to Guildford

Finally! Anthropologie brings a long-awaited, exciting and eclectic shopping experience to Guildford; one that you could say hasn’t been conquered yet in this area. It’s original mix of boho homeware, clothing and accessories opens up an interesting new culture of lifestyle products that you just can’t seem to get anywhere else in Guildford. OK, there’s Urban Outfitters but that definitely has a more American slant which is popping up a lot more now with the likes of Hollister and J.Crew arriving in London.


Anthropologie Logo

So despite the murky weather, we hit the cobbled high street today to grab some snaps of the Anthropologie shop window – a fantastic place to find seasonal design inspiration. Shop windows showing fashion trends and unique displays can influence our design on lots of levels, from colours and patterns to textures and formats, and Anthropologie has definitely got our creative taste-buds tingling this week!


It’s great to see they haven’t jumped on the Christmas band-wagon too early so we’re looking forward to seeing how the display changes as we approach December.


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Flourish, 5 Millmead,
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