Beautiful Blogs

Beautiful Blogs!

Here at Flourish we love a good blog! We love reading them, we love designing them, and we love finding new ways in which to present them!

It’s not often that we come across something that wows and amazes us quite so much, but this was something that we had never seen before! 15 Days in Japan has made the whole blog experience one of simplicity and beauty.

blog design

With much of the focus on the images rather than the content, this makes for a truly inspiring visit. Each day has a clearly defined end and an easy link to the next post, making it a joy to pick up and read on whether you choose to hang around or pick back up on your next visit.

If you wanted to talk to us about how to get the most from you blog, please drop us a line – we would love to help!

Images courtesy of 15 Days in Japan

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