A Thread & a Thought

Beautiful Logo Design & Branding for A Thread & A Thought

Jenny Adin-Christie is a specialist in embroidery offering private lessons for groups or individuals and commissioned fashion work, and her work is absolutely breathtaking. Her incredible whitework techniques opened up the chance to work as part of the RNS team last year, on the wedding dress for the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Oh yes, she’s that good!

With an existing, homespun brand style and an urge to take it to the next level, Jenny asked us to help her get there and we were more than happy to take this exciting challenge on.

With exceptionally high business values and a remarkable eye for precision, both in her embroidery work and in the way she runs her business, we welcomed the challenge to take Jenny’s branding up a gear with open arms. She’s one of the experts in her field and doesn’t do things half-heartedly, so it goes without saying that she knows her stuff and her traditional embroidery style has an interesting contemporary edge that sets her bespoke work out as a cut above the rest.

It’s clear to Jenny that her current branding isn’t doing her business offering justice and doesn’t send out the messages that she now wants to communicate, so to get it right we’ve gone right back the very beginning. This is a pivotal point for both us and the customer because it gives us the chance to get under the skin of the business to go on to create a vision board of how we plan to take the style forwards, and it allows the customer to emotionally engage or re-engage with their business.

After creating a vision board that really got Jenny excited about the next stage of her branding, we gathered a clear understanding of what makes her tick, what she wants to be truly known for and how we could express that through her new branding.

Here’s what we created:

Concept 1

Quirky, story book style with a quintessentially British font.

Concept 2

Delicate, detailed and concise. We’ve created bespoke illustrations that complement Jenny’s love of intricate detail.

Concept 3

Friendly, uplifting and a gentle nod to Jenny’s endearing nickname, Jenny Wren.

We’ll be posting updates of Jenny’s choice of direction soon!

Which concept do you like best?


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