Behind the scenes at the Flourish team photoshoot

A few weeks back we invited multi-award winning photographer Matt Pereira to take some team photographs of Flourish for our website. I’ll share the actual images with you next, but I thought you might like to see some of the shots that I took “behind the scenes”.

Matt and I decided that we’d use the afternoon to bring the team together, have a bit of a giggle and exercise our creative muscles. I have to say, we had a huge amount of fun, Matt took some corking images and it was a fab experience. I love working with Matt. He has incredibly high standards, he knows what I’ll like and we’ve worked together enough now to be able to push the boundaries whilst still getting the shots we need.

We roped in various members of the team to hold the equipment…

It all got a bit much for Ian.

Some of my ideas worked… Others really didn’t. We thought the “Stuart under the bridge” concept might look kooky and fun. We thought we might use it to advertise the Web Developer position. Actually we decided he just looked a bit like a hobbit (much to the amusement of Guildford’s lunching public).

Some of the shots in and around the high street attracted a lot of interest. Especially when Ian told one lady that we were the production team for Britain’s Next Top Model.

By the end of the afternoon we’d got (almost all) of the shots we needed, had a lot of fun and have some gorgeous pics to put onto the website. Now we just need to start using them…

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