Hawthorn Handmade Branding

Brand identity for Hawthorn Handmade: Coming soon!

Ok Ok, I can’t hold it back any longer! I just have to share this with you :-)

The lovely Stephanie Carswell came to see us in the studio yesterday to talk about her exciting new business venture, Hawthorn Handmade. As an owner of a gorgeous gallery in Dorset and an admiringly creative flair as a fibre artist, she’s decided to take the plunge into creating a new business making craft kits, specialising in needle felting kits at first with a view to expanding her range to complement her other needlework skills over the coming months.

Her work is adorable and her new kits will be targeting individuals looking to try a new craft or find an easier way to practice one they already know. With each kit being branded with the designer-maker, Stephanie plans to bring in other makers to expand her offering and widen her kit mix.

We’re delighted that she’s asked us to help her on this first (and very important) leg of her business journey and we can’t wait to get started!

Above: Ian couldn’t resist taking some sneaky shots of some of Stephanie’s little sculptures during the meeting

Below: Stephanie’s energy is very much focussed on her new craft kit business now but you can get an idea of what she currently works on in her Dorset gallery and whilst these sculptures aren’t exactly what the kits will offer, they really show off Stephanie’s skills and they’re just too darn cute not to show you!

From the Dorset gallery

With a clear vision of where she’d like her branding to go and some ideas that have got the team very excited already, the next stage is the vision board. You’ll be able to see where we take this and Stephanie’s brand identity designs over the coming weeks.


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