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Brand Identity for Mrs Wright & Co

Introducing Mrs Wright & Co! We were given the lucky task of creating a brand identity for this new business and we had great fun with it. Mrs Wright & Co provide a service offering families the opportunity to invite and employ a full time Nanny & Housekeeper into their homes.

Karina came in full of ideas and vision for the direction of the brand. It was up to us to take those inspirations and create something individual, cool and with the eclectic tone that Karina was so excited by.

mrs wright strip

Mrs Wright & Co brings a fresh approach to the Nanny & Housekeeper industry, and we wanted to create an alternative ‘look and feel ‘ which takes the brand away from being too safe.

We will be starting on the full website design soon, but if you wanted to find out a bit more the landing page for Mrs Wright & Co has just gone live!

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Flourish, 5 Millmead,
Guildford, Surrey, GU2 4BE