You Inspire Me Blog Design & Rebrand

Brand Styling & Blog Design for You Inspire Me

Corrina Gordon-Barnes approached us at the start of November with an already established and successful business, You Inspire Me, but realised she needed to visit her branding in a big way to really reach out to her existing customers more effectively, as well as open up new opportunities with other businesses.

Most of our customers who are looking to rebrand their business tend to have three very important characteristics in common; an immense amount of passion in what they’re doing, a serious attitude towards improving their brand and a product or service offering that’s really rather brilliant. And Corrina is no exception. She was just struggling to communicate all of this wonderfulness through her brand styling.

With a wealth of experience in her field, a background in coaching and an inspirational fire in her belly, Corrina provides 1-2-1 coaching to help other businesses turn their passion into profit. She helps business owners who love what they do actually make a worthwhile profit from it and not sell themselves short. ‘Good people who are paid to do good work and paid good money’ is her honest approach.

Corrina’s determination and strong values have driven her business into the success it is today and her incredibly well-written content has gone a very long way towards building this success. You only have to check out the number of comments she’s getting on her posts to see how many advocates she has! So she asked us to help her give You Inspire Me the image it now deserves to truly complement her offering.

As ever, we kicked things off with a vision board to make sure our approach and ideas of styling were hitting the right buttons and I think it’s fair to say that we got it bang on! Colours are deliciously Autumnal with a respectable Spring twist; vibrant and bright with a slightly muted tone.

Blog Design

The blog design has a confident clarity that shows Corrina means business but still communicates fun, positivity and energy. Her posts tend not to need an image so we made sure the design was strong enough to support that, thinking carefully about the hierarchy around the page and not looking too text heavy on first glance. Our ultimate test with any design is if you strip all of the images and content away, what are you left with? Is there a distinctive brand identity left behind? If there is and it’s consistent then we know we’ve got the balance right.

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