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pantone colour of the year 2014

Guest Post: Colour of the Year 2014

Today on Hats Off, we're pleased to welcome a new guest blogger! Rosie, from Cider with Rosie, is here to share the latest news from Pantone, and has brought together a few beautiful pieces from around the web featuring Pantone's latest colour offering... Last week, Pantone announced their colour of 2014 to be 'Radiant Orchid', a gloriously rich purple with a note of warm pink. It's described in the press release as “An invitation to innovation, Radiant Orchid encourages expanded creativity

Fonts & Photos: A match made in heaven

It's not new news to discover we're a bit font mad here at Flourish and when it comes to using fonts with imagery, we can't get enough. Finding an appropriate and engaging concept for your brand photography can be an incredibly difficult task in itself, but creating the perfect marriage between your fonts and your photography can be the difference between "wow" and "WOAH". Any photo will create a mood; an instinctive emotional reaction that doesn't just stem from it's content, it comes from the

The Power of Neutral

We're big fans of neutrals here at Flourish and whilst some might consider them a bit clinical or dull, neutrals can in fact be bursting with character; it's just about how they're styled that governs their interpretation. As a colour psychology rule, greys don't tend to encourage any particular form of emotion but pair them with beiges, browns, blacks, off-whites and white and introduce natural textures and they really start to come alive.   Here are some inspirational shots that

Anthropologie comes to Guildford

Finally! Anthropologie brings a long-awaited, exciting and eclectic shopping experience to Guildford; one that you could say hasn't been conquered yet in this area. It's original mix of boho homeware, clothing and accessories opens up an interesting new culture of lifestyle products that you just can't seem to get anywhere else in Guildford. OK, there's Urban Outfitters but that definitely has a more American slant which is popping up a lot more now with the likes of Hollister and J.Crew arriving
Vanessa Corrigan Rebrand

From the studio: Website Design for Vanessa Corrigan

Current Website Design Vanessa is an established Personal Stylist who specialises in helping women look and feel amazing! Her current website Image Studio doesn't convey the impression Vanessa now wants for her business so she approached us to take her branding and website to a new level; tapping into her ideal customer market, injecting more of her own warm personality into the brand and communicating Vannessa as an expert in her field. Here's a quick reminder of the vision board we

Vision Board for Image Consultant, Vanessa Corrigan

Vanessa Corrigan is an image consultant who helps real women feel great about themselves. Feeling it was time for a refresh she came to Flourish to develop her brand and create the right impression to appeal to her prospective clients. From speaking with Vanessa we gained a really clear understanding of what her philosophy was which sparked some great ideas and a clear vision from the start. The autumnal colour palette is vibrant and rich and will be combined with strong, editorial
Love Interiors Mood Board

Neon Love

I've been thinking a lot about flourescent colours recently. It all started when I went to New York and I seemed to notice a lot of "flouro" as they call it over there - in shops like Kate Spade and Purl Soho and also just in what I was drawn to. I serendipitously picked up a pink neon pen for my scrapbook from Muji, and then as soon as I hit the styling class, there were splashes of neon everywhere. Isn't it funny how that sort of thing happens? You have a germ of an idea in your head

Design Seeds Colour Palettes: A haven of inspiration

Spring Greens by Design Seeds Your response to my post on Blogstomp got me thinking that I should share more resources that will make your blogging and business journeys more fun. And so I am delighted to share Design Seeds with you. Have you found her on Pinterest or via her website already? Isn't she fabulous? I look at that image above with it's fresh, Spring greens and I just feel energised and happy. It's a primal, subconscious thing but green just speaks to me in a really powerful

A bright yellow mood board to inspire and uplift

These bright, crisp days are just what we needed aren't they? There's a lot happening at Flourish at the moment which we're all finding incredibly inspiring. Team promotions, new designers, some very exciting client projects, the launch of the branding masterclass, oh, and the small matter of a nip tuck to the Flourish brand identity (which I'll share with you soon). Because of all this bright, new stuff, I'm feeling very fired up, very creative and very excited about the future. I think

Winter Inspiration: Haw berries, berried ivy and the last of the hydrangea

  It's been a while since I've blogged my inspirations. And whilst I'm much more inspired by Autumn and Spring than I am Summer, the fact is that I just didn't get round to photographing as much as I would have liked over the last few months. I suspect that my lack of time to photograph still lifes has much more to do with the fact that my life has been turned upside down and inside out with our house renovation than anything else. And whilst the house certainly isn't finished, I was