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Bumblebud bakery

Brand Styling for Bumblebud Bakery

Bumblebud Bakery is a specialist, hand-baked biscuit bakery looking to expand into other products in the not too distant future. You can read about the first stage of the brand identity and find out more about Lesley here. A reminder of the vision board Fonts and colour palette Muted colours and soft rounded fonts make for a warm and approachable look for Lesley's business. She pours heart-felt passion into every biscuit she makes and we all wanted this to shine through in her branding

From the studio this week: Alderley Pilates

Peter approached us towards the end of October thoroughly excited by the idea of rebranding his already successful pilates business, Alderley Pilates, based up in Cheshire. With a big customer base and a fantastic offering, Alderley Pilates is doing many things right but their branding just isn't communicating that clearly enough. Added to this, Peter is keen to open up opportunities of attracting a younger market, without losing his already loyal and dedicated current customer base. So at

Vision Board for Image Consultant, Vanessa Corrigan

Vanessa Corrigan is an image consultant who helps real women feel great about themselves. Feeling it was time for a refresh she came to Flourish to develop her brand and create the right impression to appeal to her prospective clients. From speaking with Vanessa we gained a really clear understanding of what her philosophy was which sparked some great ideas and a clear vision from the start. The autumnal colour palette is vibrant and rich and will be combined with strong, editorial
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Inky Blue: Playing with paint

Creativity's a funny thing isn't it? To continue to produce work that pushes boundaries you have to be prepared to experiment, to take risks and to try things out. But you've also got to be prepared to look critically at an idea and question whether it's working or not. That's got to be easier in a team hasn't it? A creative team where you can push each other and also challenge each other - blissfully ignorant of the blood, sweat and tears that may have gone in to getting something to a certain point! For
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In the studio this week… a new Brand Identity and Blog Design for Inky Blue

How delicious is this blog design? Sara could be heard on all floors of the Flourish studio shrieking with delight when we presented her with the concept! She was absolutely thrilled at how we'd managed to both make something so non-visual as compelling as this and also how we'd managed to capture the essence of her. That's one of the things that we take the most delight in - beyond the creativity of the design it's the art of creating something that really encapsulates the person or the business
louise-perry-image-4 website design surrey

In the studio this week… A gorgeous new website design for Louise Perry

Remember the mood board I shared with you yesterday for wedding planner Louise Perry? Well I'm delighted to reveal the new website design and brand identity. Here's the homepage (quite a contrast from what's there right now don't you think?). Soft pinks and greys combined with a little punch of turquoise to create a romantic, elegant, classic look that will appeal directly to Louise's ideal clients. Isn't that picture of Louise just gorgeous? This is the about page - obviously Louise
The Old Vicarage 3

In the Studio this week: Website design development for The Old Vicarage.

Following the new homepage design for The Old Vicarage that Fiona shared with you recently, I am pleased to reveal the other page designs for the site. You can catch up with Fiona's post here. Tariff Page: The pages on the current site were very busy and cluttered with information, which didn't help the user experience. The new layouts have been carefully thought out to ensure that key information stands out and so that availability can be checked on every page. The House Page: As
flat tummy club rebranding_surrey

In the studio this week… A new blogsite for the Flat Tummy Club

Kate Adams is an ex publisher of diet books turned bestselling author now runs the Flat Tummy Club - a club, based on her book of the same title, which has become the bible for those of us who want to lead a healthy lifestyle without the faddy diet rules and deprivation that so many books would have you on. When Kate invited us to create a brand new blogsite to replace her website and blog we leapt at the chance! We're big fans of Kate and what she does and couldn't wait to wave our Flourish
Ted Baker

Design Inspiration: Shop Window Displays

I took the opportunity to wander into Nottingham at the weekend and have a look at shop window displays for some design inspiration. It's amazing the variety and contrast you see across different brands and it's obvious those companies who really put a lot of thought and effort into making their shop window displays stand out from the rest. One of these which caught my eye was Ted Baker. Not only does it fit with the season with lovely, rich, autumnal colours, but it also reminded me of

In the studio this week… A brand identity and website for Brindian

If you like pattern and colour then I have a feeling that you're going to love this work in progress for Brindian. If you were lucky enough to attend Jamie's Feastival in the summer you may well have already experienced Brindian - bold, gutsy food that fuses together traditional British and Indian (see what they've done there?) flavours. Jamies team loved the Brindian offering - so much so that they've invited the company back to Feastival next year, and if you keep your eyes peeled for the November