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Pepsi Shock

Brightening the Daily Commute

Whilst walking down the street in London the other day I passed one of these posters and just had to share! It wasn't so much the poster that caught my attention, but the the reactions of the people in the bus shelter - their reaction was not too dissimilar to those commuters in this video, you'll see why! Now I'm not sure this would be such a welcome distraction on my drive into work, but on any other form of transport it sure would make the early morning commute more interesting. I guess
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The Ultimate Self Promotion

We all know how hard it is to get noticed, and to get yourself in front of the people you would love to work with. Coming up with clever, and original ideas is something we are always looking at, but this one just stopped us in our tracks. With the new 3D printing technology available you are now able to produce realistic, mini me models of yourself and Jens Lennartsson has taken it to the next level. Jens commissioned 400 models of himself to be made for him to send out to his dream clients!

Embracing Brand Strategy

How well does your brand communicate? We're not just talking about your logo, we're talking about every aspect of your communication, from your email signature to your website, your business card to your brochure. And what about your next marketing campaign? This is where some smart brand strategy comes in. We talk a lot about brand strategy here at Flourish and we believe that no brand can be truly great without some serious strategy behind it. It is by no means the most glamorous part of creating
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Lovingly Crafted

The first advert in 3 years has just launched for Kettle Chips and we think it's a little belter. Kettle Chips have a great habit of working with artists and craftspeople, commissioning projects to work alongside their own delicious product. This advert sees authentic craftspeople creating lovingly crafted items for a dinner party, from the table and chairs, down to the cheeseboard and glassware. Everyone who took part in this project only had 12 hours to finish, and the result was documented

Focus and Flourish: How to Plan for Your Best Year Yet

The challenge with most business planning methods is that they don't seem to take much of you into account. Plan for Super Success! (whatever that means); Turbo Charge your Business for the New Year and so on... What about what you want? And perhaps that is what you want, but it always helps to be asked. As a part of our very popular Focus and Flourish workshops, one of the core things we get our guests to focus on, is what success looks like to them. It's all very well wafting

January Sales… How to make them work for your service business

The jury is still out on whether sales promotions can work for a service based business. I'm the first to admit that they can look desperate and potentially damaging to your brand. But at the same time, I do believe that if planned and communicated sensitively, they can even out the natural peaks and troughs within a business. How to make a January Sales Promotion work for your business Avoid the blanket "10% off our services" at all costs. You're better than that Think about what you can

GLTC… Now that’s how to educate your customers to buy now! {or is it?}

The Great Little Trading Company have had a fab campaign to persuade their clients to shop now for Christmas rather than leaving it any longer. I can't say I've seen the comprehensive marketing that Stu describes with his eBuyer experience, but it's a compelling sales promotion nonetheless. You see the problem with sales is that the retail industry has taught us that the longer we wait, the better the deal. And whilst we love the instant gratification of walking home with armfuls of bags,

January Sales… How to make them work for your retail business

The great thing about retail is that your customers expect you to run a January sale. So if you're worried about a sale damaging your credibility, don't be. If you are serious about running your business as a business, then come January, you need to think seriously about running a sale. Why? Because we all have limited funds in January, and unless there is a compelling reason to spend money, we just don't. We all know one of those people that buys all their Christmas presents in the January

January Sales: Could they work for your business?

Do you run a January sale? If you don't, do you think you should be? We as consumers often see January sales as a way of retailers clearing stock. If you run a business that doesn't hold stock - be it a craft business where you make everything to order or a service based business where you sell your time, then it's easy to dismiss sales as not being for you. But is it worth looking at them from a different angle? Sales are just as much about stimulating demand as they are clearing stock. And
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The biggest question you need to ask yourself about your ecommerce business

  It has never been cheaper to start an ecommerce business. Gone are the days where you need to spend hours learning HTML to build your own website - businesses like Shopify and Create mean that you can create an online shop from around £30 per month. Which is great news for cash-strapped startups - or is it? Getting your ecommerce website online only tells half the story. What's much more important is getting people to buy. And that means having the right product, at the right price,