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In the studio this week: A new showcard for Kate Lloyd Photography.

There are lots of exciting new brand identity and website projects happening in the studio at the moment but we still love to get our teeth into those smaller design-for-print projects. This week I have been working on a gorgeous new showcard for Kate Lloyd Photography to market her beautiful baby photography. I had previously designed a smaller showcard for Kate so the look and feel of the brand set the tone for the new design. With engaging copy, new illustrations and some gorgeous images
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How to write copy that sparkles like your brand {Guest Post}

Experience tells me that if there's one thing we all dread doing, it's writing copy. And whether that's a few words for the back of a flyer or a fully blown website, it really seems to startle a lot of you. When clients ask me how long it'll take them to build their website, I always give them an estimate with the caveat that the biggest thing that will hold up the build is them supplying the copy. So when Maja Pawinska Sims came and spoke at the Horsley Network on Monday night on Ten Steps to

Is your homepage as welcoming as an entrance hall?

Imagine arriving at a stately home or (my favourite) a boutique hotel. You walk in through the front door and instantly feel at ease. The beautiful decor, fresh flowers and welcoming receptionist ready to look after you. You're welcomed and invited to be guided to your room, shown to the bar or the spa. It's a great start to a wonderful stay. I always think that a website's homepage should be just like an entrance hall to a stately home. Warm, welcoming and easy to navigate to where you want

Does your About Us page connect?

Why do you click on About Us pages when you're browsing a website? Idle curiosity perhaps? A desperate attempt to find out who this company is and what they do? A desire to find out more about the person or people behind the brand and connect further? In my case all of the above apply at different times. I'm the first person to say that the copy on your website should be about your customer and their challenges rather than your business. But the same rules don't apply to your About Us page.

Is writing for the web really any different to writing for print?

I guess the short answer to that question is yes and no. Yes in that writing for the web forces you to take account of the search engines and making sure that what you're writing reflects what people want to know. But a big, fat, enormous no in that to write truly powerful copy you simply *have* to write for your customers and not for yourself. Great copy attracts, engages and galvanises people into action. Great copy answers questions that your readers have; shows them that you can solve their

Does the writing on your website sell? Or does it just describe you?

When your potential clients look at your website what do they see? An engaging and inspiring paragraph about how you can solve their problem? Or reams and reams of text about your business, how long you've been trading and why they should use you. Writing powerful copy is always underestimated. Why? Because we all feel that because we can write, we can write copy that sells. That's simply not the case. All too often company websites are littered with "we", "us" "our" more than they feature "you"

5 Simple Steps to writing more powerful copy

The sad truth is that most business writing fails to pull a response. Often it's self absorbed: focusing too much on the company's history and 'benefits' rather than what the client really needs. Sometimes it's too generic and doesn't ask for a response. And sometimes it just misses the mark that the reader (assuming they get to the end...) is left thinking "so what?".If you're going to invest your time and money in marketing your business then it's essential

It’s the last copywriting workshop of the year!

Does your writing win you business?Simple, powerful copywriting techniques to help you sell moreMost websites, leaflets and emails are so badly written that they lose companies business. Can you afford to miss sales opportunities at the moment?As a business owner you’ll probably spend a lot of your time writing. Wouldn’t it help if you knew some shortcuts to more profitable results? Gain confidence in your ability and learn how to sell more just through your writing.Join us for a Copywriting

Why does most copy fail to pull the response it should?

Leaflets or website not bringing you in enough business? Don’t be too quick to blame the design. It’s just as likely to be what and how you’re saying what you’re saying! Here’s my list of the top 7 clangers most businesses make when creating copy and how to avoid making the same mistake yourself. It’s boring: your leaflets or website might be repetitive, full of jargon or just plain dull. Whatever the root cause, the reader just switches off and you lose out. Write with passion, style

Americanised, dan kennedy style copy. Lots of shouting and hyperbole – the only copy that works?

I've blogged on this before, but as I now have a lot more copywriters following me via twitter I'd be really interested to know what you all think.This morning I received this link to a page by Paul Fuggle, guru of Total Business and the shopping cart I use for my workshops. Now I know from experience that this is a great product. And I'm sure Paul is a very nice, professional guy. But there's something about the writing and this 'anti-design' that really unsettles