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Partly Cloudy Cover Image

Partly Cloudy

With the weather as it is today we just thought it would be nice to share this! Grant Snider is a great illustrator and writer who creates strips and illustrations that have an individual style and get you thinking - check out his blog here! Illustration courtesy of Grand Snider    
Just Bespoke Logo

Brand Styling for Just Bespoke

We've worked with many wedding planners over the years and we absolutely adore creating brand identities for them! The subject is so engaging and emotional that whilst some might be daunted by the massive competition within this sector, we relish the challenge to create something truly different against the rest. Lisa Baker's flourishing business, Just Bespoke Wedding Planning, is no exception. Our initial meeting with Lisa was incredibly inspiring - she has amazing plans for her business,
Barks and Bunnies Brand Identity

Brand Identity for quirky pet care business, Barks & Bunnies

Amy first contacted us at the start of the year because she had a wonderful passion to start her own pet focused business, offering home-baked treats, in-house boarding and daily walking for dogs and rabbits. Our first conversation was an explosion of ideas and excitement over where Amy wanted to take her business and a few months later, we finally got to work together on her branding. Whilst we didn't get the chance to work on any online marketing for Amy, we threw ourselves into the logo and
Jenny Stewart Photography

A brand identity for real life photographer, Jenny Stewart

Jenny is brimming with infectious smiles, energy and excitement and after an equally exciting meeting with her we found ourselves armed with a great brief to take her brand identity in a confident direction. Unfortunately we didn't get the chance to meet her gorgeous little Border Terrier, Bill, but the picture shows how adorable he is!   Her talent shines through in her ability to work with naturally lit scenarios for her photography. This focus on catching awesome

Presenting… An incredible brand identity for Gladis

Let me introduce you to Gladis. She is the incredible face of 3 years of very hard work by PSHPC to create a software solution for employers managing protection insurances, ie, income protection and life assurance. Now we all know that insurance isn't the most exciting subject in the world but what Gladis brings to this industry really is quite exciting and here's why... A (very) brief overview Employers will only realise that an employee is not covered by insurance when a claim

Behind the Scenes: Illustration styles for A Thread and a Thought

Once again, Ian has turned his creative hand to some beautiful illustrative icons for A Thread and a Thought and they're so lovely they must be shared! When we show all of our polished designs together on one page it's sometimes difficult to see the detail that goes into making them so bespoke. I love the imperfect smudginess of these drawings at this initial stage of the design process and they're made all the more beautiful by some cracking photography. Hat's off to Ian, and designer James for
A Thread & a Thought

Beautiful Logo Design & Branding for A Thread & A Thought

Jenny Adin-Christie is a specialist in embroidery offering private lessons for groups or individuals and commissioned fashion work, and her work is absolutely breathtaking. Her incredible whitework techniques opened up the chance to work as part of the RNS team last year, on the wedding dress for the marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Oh yes, she's that good! With an existing, homespun brand style and an urge to take it to the next level, Jenny asked us to help her get there and
Inky Blue Blog Design

Fresh off the press! Christmas tags from Inky Blue

The lovely Sara Dean from Inky Blue popped into the studio yesterday to give us all a gorgeous little pressie before Christmas. She's thoroughly embraced her new branding and blog design, and quite right too! You can catch up on Sara's brand story here. Here are some snaps of Sara's handmade Christmas tags, along with her business card. Stunning. Thanks Sara and Happy Christmas everyone! Here's to more beautiful branding in 2013!  

Pen & Ink Study: Little Big Bell

Caroline has already showcased Chloe’s beautiful blog design for Little Big Bell and personally it’s one of my favourites! Before we got started I played around with a few little sketches which could appear on the blog, and Chloe has used some of them in the category button, but thought I would share some of the others with you. A quote which is close to Geraldine’s heart has been used on the bottle which I think works really well and hopefully we can get to use this somewhere in the
Logo Design Surrey

Inky Blue: Playing with paint

Creativity's a funny thing isn't it? To continue to produce work that pushes boundaries you have to be prepared to experiment, to take risks and to try things out. But you've also got to be prepared to look critically at an idea and question whether it's working or not. That's got to be easier in a team hasn't it? A creative team where you can push each other and also challenge each other - blissfully ignorant of the blood, sweat and tears that may have gone in to getting something to a certain point! For