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Pepsi Shock

Brightening the Daily Commute

Whilst walking down the street in London the other day I passed one of these posters and just had to share! It wasn't so much the poster that caught my attention, but the the reactions of the people in the bus shelter - their reaction was not too dissimilar to those commuters in this video, you'll see why! Now I'm not sure this would be such a welcome distraction on my drive into work, but on any other form of transport it sure would make the early morning commute more interesting. I guess
Paper Art

Paper Art Good Enough to Eat

Have you ever seen paper look so appetising..?! Eaters is an annual food festival held in Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, Bandung, Indonesia. The theme last year was "Zakura no Shiizun" which translates from Japanese to Sakura Flower Season. This beautiful work was created by Ira Carella Wijaya who, inspired by the Japanese theme chose origami and papercraft as her main concept. Whilst Indonesia is a long way to go for a food festival, if the food served was half as good as the origami
Typography Poster

City Inspired Typographic Posters

To start the new year we have been looking at some great typography and stumbled across these great city inspired posters from Show Us Your Type. Collated by NEUE, the collection displays posters submitted by designers from across the globe. It's worth thing a look at the Tokyo section of the site that uses animated gifs to display their work. Some cities have distinctive landmarks and skylines whilst others are famed for their atmosphere and sensory experience and this has been demonstrated

Not Another Bill Gift

One lucky Flourish team member has just received their first gift from Not Another Bill! We blogged about this company a few weeks back, and the offer was too tempting! This months's gift is a collaboration between the Portuguese artist 'Pedro Da Costa Felgueiras' who works under the design name 'Saudade'. This boar-hair shaving brush is handmade in Portugal by craftsmen, and the custom paint design uses the signature teal green of Not Another Bill. Accompanied by some great little extras,
pantone colour of the year 2014

Guest Post: Colour of the Year 2014

Today on Hats Off, we're pleased to welcome a new guest blogger! Rosie, from Cider with Rosie, is here to share the latest news from Pantone, and has brought together a few beautiful pieces from around the web featuring Pantone's latest colour offering... Last week, Pantone announced their colour of 2014 to be 'Radiant Orchid', a gloriously rich purple with a note of warm pink. It's described in the press release as “An invitation to innovation, Radiant Orchid encourages expanded creativity
Beautiful Blogs

Beautiful Blogs!

Here at Flourish we love a good blog! We love reading them, we love designing them, and we love finding new ways in which to present them! It's not often that we come across something that wows and amazes us quite so much, but this was something that we had never seen before! 15 Days in Japan has made the whole blog experience one of simplicity and beauty. With much of the focus on the images rather than the content, this makes for a truly inspiring visit. Each day has a clearly defined

Fonts & Photos: A match made in heaven

It's not new news to discover we're a bit font mad here at Flourish and when it comes to using fonts with imagery, we can't get enough. Finding an appropriate and engaging concept for your brand photography can be an incredibly difficult task in itself, but creating the perfect marriage between your fonts and your photography can be the difference between "wow" and "WOAH". Any photo will create a mood; an instinctive emotional reaction that doesn't just stem from it's content, it comes from the

The Top 10 brand campaigns of 2013 so far

With more and more brands competing for our attention, creating something different, interesting and above all memorable is more important than ever. We found this great article from creative bloq covering the top 10 brand campaigns from 2013. There is something in here for everyone, but all create something that takes that brand one step forward in their communication. Our particular favourite is the Nike Reuse-a-Shoe campaign, simple, informative and above all enhances and supports the sales
Partly Cloudy Cover Image

Partly Cloudy

With the weather as it is today we just thought it would be nice to share this! Grant Snider is a great illustrator and writer who creates strips and illustrations that have an individual style and get you thinking - check out his blog here! Illustration courtesy of Grand Snider    

A picture says 1000 words

Using a big photo for your website background is something that is becoming considerably popular and will certainly create a memorable experience for your visitor. When landing on the homepage these websites successfully create a feeling and communicate the ethos of the company in one dynamic image. This style of homepage will work beautifully across all platforms, so when viewed on a phone or tablet you don’t lose any of the power of the design. This approach to a web page background