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Pepsi Shock

Brightening the Daily Commute

Whilst walking down the street in London the other day I passed one of these posters and just had to share! It wasn't so much the poster that caught my attention, but the the reactions of the people in the bus shelter - their reaction was not too dissimilar to those commuters in this video, you'll see why! Now I'm not sure this would be such a welcome distraction on my drive into work, but on any other form of transport it sure would make the early morning commute more interesting. I guess
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The Ultimate Self Promotion

We all know how hard it is to get noticed, and to get yourself in front of the people you would love to work with. Coming up with clever, and original ideas is something we are always looking at, but this one just stopped us in our tracks. With the new 3D printing technology available you are now able to produce realistic, mini me models of yourself and Jens Lennartsson has taken it to the next level. Jens commissioned 400 models of himself to be made for him to send out to his dream clients!
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Lovingly Crafted

The first advert in 3 years has just launched for Kettle Chips and we think it's a little belter. Kettle Chips have a great habit of working with artists and craftspeople, commissioning projects to work alongside their own delicious product. This advert sees authentic craftspeople creating lovingly crafted items for a dinner party, from the table and chairs, down to the cheeseboard and glassware. Everyone who took part in this project only had 12 hours to finish, and the result was documented

The Top 10 brand campaigns of 2013 so far

With more and more brands competing for our attention, creating something different, interesting and above all memorable is more important than ever. We found this great article from creative bloq covering the top 10 brand campaigns from 2013. There is something in here for everyone, but all create something that takes that brand one step forward in their communication. Our particular favourite is the Nike Reuse-a-Shoe campaign, simple, informative and above all enhances and supports the sales

When the going gets tough, the tough get marketing

It's hard to be anything other than optimistic right now with the (briefly) glorious weather and Team GB's success in the Olympics (how amazing???) but it seems that in Blighty at least things are getting tough again economically. And just like in 2007/8 when the credit crunch started to hit everyone slowed down the marketing, it's tempting to do the same again. The truth is that the harder the market gets, the more you need to market your business. And there are real opportunities for those who

In the studio this week: A new showcard for Kate Lloyd Photography.

There are lots of exciting new brand identity and website projects happening in the studio at the moment but we still love to get our teeth into those smaller design-for-print projects. This week I have been working on a gorgeous new showcard for Kate Lloyd Photography to market her beautiful baby photography. I had previously designed a smaller showcard for Kate so the look and feel of the brand set the tone for the new design. With engaging copy, new illustrations and some gorgeous images
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New Resource: Website Planning Workbook

Are you thinking about refreshing or updating your website soon? If so you're definitely going to need to download yourself a copy of our Website Planning Workbook. We love creating websites for our clients and see helping with making sure it's going to work commercially as one of the fundamental parts of creating a gorgeous website. Thinking about how a page should be structured, how to create an engaging customer experience and how to drive the sales message home are all commercial elements
Boxes_024 popping cards

Popping Cards: The Art of Being Memorable

A large part of what drives our creativity here at Flourish is creating something memorable. We're always on the lookout for the innovative, the creative and the memorable ways to help our clients stand out and get noticed (for all the right reasons). And so when I received a box of popping cards from my Branding Masterclass student Emma McLaughlin, I knew I just had to share them with you. As you open the box, the cards literally pop out. They're amazing! Emma handmakes and personally

Creative overload at Top Drawer London

On Monday I did something I've been meaning to do for *years*. I headed up to Top Drawer for a spot of inspiration, research and to catch up with some old and new friends. To be honest I didn't really know what to expect, but having enviously listened to various people talking about the sheer range of companies there I decided to bite the bullet and go. I spent most of the day reminding myself that I was resolutely NOT opening a shop and that I must not get carried away but the lovely goods

The Branding Masterclass: Time to take your Brand Up a Gear – will you join us?

Whether you're sharing my fighting spirit and optimism from my last post, or you're feeling a bit jaded after the seasonal festivities and a lack of direction I would love for you to join me on my Branding Masterclass. It's an online class that starts on 6th Feb and runs for a month. You can pace yourself, so whatever your responsibilities, and where ever you live in the world, it can fit around you. All you need to do is commit to a couple of hours a week where you really focus on your business