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The Ultimate Self Promotion

We all know how hard it is to get noticed, and to get yourself in front of the people you would love to work with. Coming up with clever, and original ideas is something we are always looking at, but this one just stopped us in our tracks. With the new 3D printing technology available you are now able to produce realistic, mini me models of yourself and Jens Lennartsson has taken it to the next level. Jens commissioned 400 models of himself to be made for him to send out to his dream clients!

Fonts & Photos: A match made in heaven

It's not new news to discover we're a bit font mad here at Flourish and when it comes to using fonts with imagery, we can't get enough. Finding an appropriate and engaging concept for your brand photography can be an incredibly difficult task in itself, but creating the perfect marriage between your fonts and your photography can be the difference between "wow" and "WOAH". Any photo will create a mood; an instinctive emotional reaction that doesn't just stem from it's content, it comes from the

In the studio this week: Website design for Unsung Lilly

We're over the moon to be designing a website for the amazing new band Unsung Lilly and we've been busy in the studio this week putting visuals together following the vision board session. The band are going to great heights having recently gigged at Belfast Pride and featured on the NME site this week. Big congrats guys! Homepage Here's where we've taken the design so far and with a new photo shoot happening next week we're all excited about getting this one live. So the photos we've used

Powerful Photography: Using Images on Your Website or Blog: The Absolute Essentials

So you're posting your own images on your website or blog (hopefully professionally shot, or at the very least pimped up quickly via my cheat post from earlier today...), what sorts of things do you need to think about? These are the absolute basics of posting an image - I'd love to hear your basics too - do add your thoughts at the bottom... Consistent Widths This one is a bit of an obsession for me. I like to scroll down a blog and see images of a consistent width. And nothing, upon nothing,

Powerful Photography: Clever Photoshop Tricks to Improve Your Photographs

I love to take photographs in my spare time - of the children, beautiful things around me and some of the things that inspire me. Now I am no professional, and I'd be a little loathe to photograph products for an ecommerce website, I certainly wouldn't take important team headshots, nor would I take photos for a client website. BUT, I do love to share my photography on this blog, and I know a lot of you do on your blogs too. So I want to let you into a little secret. There are things that

Powerful Photography: It’s Not The Camera That Takes The Photo

I know that it's tempting to think that the reason professional photographers are so good is because of the kit they use. Just like professional graphic designers are so good because they use an Apple Mac and InDesign (well, of course?). But I saw this post on Vicki Knight's blog a few weeks back and was so blown away with how perfectly it illustrates the power of the photographer's eye that I asked her if I might reproduce a version for you all on this blog, and joyfully she said yes! So I'm delighted

Powerful Photography: Tips for DIY Product Photography: By Vicki Knights

I know I've been banging the "get a professional photographer in" drum throughout this series, but the fact is that taking your own photos is fun and cost effective (if you can get it right). What I hope I've helped you highlight is that 'point and shoot' just won't cut it, but where do you go from here? Cue a guest blog from the fabulous Vicki Knights! Image: Vicki Knights for Sprinkles and Swirls As Fiona has explained during this blog series, if you really want professional looking

Powerful Photography: Product Photography for Ecommerce Websites

Image: Eddie Judd for More Than Word Art Oh I do love a beautifully designed online shop! And as well as clear navigation, ease of finding what you're looking for and the general reassurance and conviction that comes from a well designed, easy to use shop, one of the things that'll make an enormous difference in your sales is the quality of your photography. Your visitors can't pick up and touch what you're selling, so they need to be able to get a really good idea of what they're buying

Powerful Photography: Beautiful Interiors

Interior design, along with food, is one industry where decent, aspirational photography really makes a difference to the response to your website. And the challenge with this, is that you really don't want to be using stock photography if you can help it. Why? Because we've seen it all before, it's not your design and it won't resonate as powerfully as your own images. So what makes for great interiors photography? First of all, find a photographer passionate about photographing interiors.

Powerful Photography: Images for your website that don’t rely on stock cliches

One of the huge challenges we have as website designers are finding images with the wow factor. If you run a tangible business - perhaps you have a catering company or are a band - well then that's pretty straightforward. You find a decent photographer, give them a focused brief (preferably from your branding company who understand the impression they want your website to create) and job done! But what if you do something intangible? Perhaps you're a solicitor, a management consultant or - well,