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Not Another Bill Gift

One lucky Flourish team member has just received their first gift from Not Another Bill! We blogged about this company a few weeks back, and the offer was too tempting! This months's gift is a collaboration between the Portuguese artist 'Pedro Da Costa Felgueiras' who works under the design name 'Saudade'. This boar-hair shaving brush is handmade in Portugal by craftsmen, and the custom paint design uses the signature teal green of Not Another Bill. Accompanied by some great little extras,

Not Another Bill

With Christmas just around the corner we're all putting our thinking caps on in the studio to find the perfect gift. We've been watching Not Another Bill for a while and whilst we love their website we think the products that they deliver to your door every month too good to miss! You can either select from different categories, including art, homewares and stationery, or they can surprise your lucky recipient each month with a beautifully wrapped box. From viewing past gifts they take great
Animal Art Fair

A new website design & brand style for Animal Art Fair

When Animal Art Fair approached us last year to address their website design we naturally jumped at the chance of working with them. Their previous website lacked finesse and didn't show off the remarkable fine art on display to it's full potential, so whilst we all felt comfortable working with the same logo, the website and branding as a whole needed a good push into 2013. Here's how the old website looked last year... With so much happening, so many messages and so many directions to
current site

Introducing… Applegarth

Remember I told you we had a couple of foodie websites to work on? Well we're delighted to be creating a new ecommerce website for Applegarth: a country deli and restaurant based in Grayshott, Surrey. We visited last week and I have to say, the place is gorgeous - a really beautifully kitted out deli and a restaurant with a menu to make your mouth water. As well as that there is a childrens play area, a Cookery School, fabulous events and plenty of exciting plans in the offing. Will wanted

7 Inspirational Foodie Gift Websites and Why They Work

We're lucky enough to be designing at least one (perhaps more, don't want to jinx anything!) ecommerce website next week for a foodie gift company and in preparation I thought I'd do a little research into what makes a great food gift website. Our client will be selling baked goods online, but I didn't want that to limit my research, so I've scoured the web far and wide to find some of the best examples I can find of foodie websites. What I found really interesting was that I had to kiss a LOT

In the studio this week… A gorgeous new look for Mamami

I am thrilled to share the finished Mamami designs with you. You may remember me introducing Chet Patel's business to you some time ago? I hope you'll agree that the new editorial style branding, top end colours, beautiful pattern and thoughtful layout (as well as the stonking copy) totally repositions Mamami. And the point really is that this isn't about doing anything other than communicating Mamami as Chet, her founder sees it in a way that will directly resonate with Mamami's most profitable

January Sales… How to make them work for your service business

The jury is still out on whether sales promotions can work for a service based business. I'm the first to admit that they can look desperate and potentially damaging to your brand. But at the same time, I do believe that if planned and communicated sensitively, they can even out the natural peaks and troughs within a business. How to make a January Sales Promotion work for your business Avoid the blanket "10% off our services" at all costs. You're better than that Think about what you can

GLTC… Now that’s how to educate your customers to buy now! {or is it?}

The Great Little Trading Company have had a fab campaign to persuade their clients to shop now for Christmas rather than leaving it any longer. I can't say I've seen the comprehensive marketing that Stu describes with his eBuyer experience, but it's a compelling sales promotion nonetheless. You see the problem with sales is that the retail industry has taught us that the longer we wait, the better the deal. And whilst we love the instant gratification of walking home with armfuls of bags,

January Sales: Could they work for your business?

Do you run a January sale? If you don't, do you think you should be? We as consumers often see January sales as a way of retailers clearing stock. If you run a business that doesn't hold stock - be it a craft business where you make everything to order or a service based business where you sell your time, then it's easy to dismiss sales as not being for you. But is it worth looking at them from a different angle? Sales are just as much about stimulating demand as they are clearing stock. And
Amazon related products upsell widget powerful ecommerce

Powerful ecommerce: The power of related products

You don't need to be an ecommerce expert to know that related products helps you sell more stuff online. Amazon are often hailed as the trailblazers for related products, at least, the customers who come in and brief us on their ecommerce websites always ask for 'the "Customers who bought this also liked..." like Amazon have' widget! And below you'll see it in all it's glory... I have to be honest. I'd always seen this as a very neat upselling tool that was much more useful to the etailer