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New Resource: Website Planning Workbook

Are you thinking about refreshing or updating your website soon? If so you're definitely going to need to download yourself a copy of our Website Planning Workbook. We love creating websites for our clients and see helping with making sure it's going to work commercially as one of the fundamental parts of creating a gorgeous website. Thinking about how a page should be structured, how to create an engaging customer experience and how to drive the sales message home are all commercial elements

January Sales: Could they work for your business?

Do you run a January sale? If you don't, do you think you should be? We as consumers often see January sales as a way of retailers clearing stock. If you run a business that doesn't hold stock - be it a craft business where you make everything to order or a service based business where you sell your time, then it's easy to dismiss sales as not being for you. But is it worth looking at them from a different angle? Sales are just as much about stimulating demand as they are clearing stock. And
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Powerful ecommerce: The power of related products

You don't need to be an ecommerce expert to know that related products helps you sell more stuff online. Amazon are often hailed as the trailblazers for related products, at least, the customers who come in and brief us on their ecommerce websites always ask for 'the "Customers who bought this also liked..." like Amazon have' widget! And below you'll see it in all it's glory... I have to be honest. I'd always seen this as a very neat upselling tool that was much more useful to the etailer

Powerful Ecommerce: Goodwill… What does it matter anyway?

There seems to be a school of thought amongst many online retailers that price and search engine optimisation are king, and everything else is unimportant. Now whilst I'm not going to argue with the fact that price and being found for what you sell are crucial, many ecommerce businesses fail to place customer experience at the heart of their websites and ordering processes, I believe, to their detriment. There is no doubt that things have got tougher this year. Discretionary spending has decreased

Joules and the power of outstanding customer service

A few members of the Flourish team were recently given the fantastic opportunity to attend the SheerB2B Social Media Conference in London and over the next week or so Dani and I will be sharing some insights from the day. The day was incredibly inspiring and insightful, but the presentation made by Steve Shroud - Head of Customer Services for Joules really got me thinking. Outstanding Customer Service is at the heart of Joules. The customer is their most important person, they never want a

Eight ways to make your blog images look lovely

So you can just slap your images into your blog and be done with it. And if you take beautiful photographs then that's a good start. But if you're anything like me you'll like things to look nice, and just slapping in your images probably won't cut it. So here are a few inspirations that I hope get you thinking about how to make your blog images look just gorgeous. In my next posts I'll do a bit of a tutorial on how to achieve some of these effects using photoshop. In the meantime, hold on tight

Powerful blogging: what’s the difference that makes the difference?

  Blogging isn't easy is it? You work all day (and sometimes into the night) with the day job and then somehow you're expected to find the time to blog. And for goodness sake, does it even work? Is it even worth it? You hear horror stores of people putting in dozens of hours a week with nothing to show for it and it becomes scary. Having blogged for my own business for the last four years I can categorically say that it does work. Blogging has helped me develop relationships with my

How to get your website business ready

When was the last time you reviewed your website? I mean properly and objectively reviewed it, rather than just looked the other way when you opened the site by mistake? I always recommend my clients review their sites at least every six months, at the very least. It's amazing how much your business will change, the market will move on and your customers needs will change over six months, and it's important that your website is always business ready. By business ready I mean that it needs
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The biggest question you need to ask yourself about your ecommerce business

  It has never been cheaper to start an ecommerce business. Gone are the days where you need to spend hours learning HTML to build your own website - businesses like Shopify and Create mean that you can create an online shop from around £30 per month. Which is great news for cash-strapped startups - or is it? Getting your ecommerce website online only tells half the story. What's much more important is getting people to buy. And that means having the right product, at the right price,

Photographers: How do you create a blog that wins you plenty of business?

I probably won't be telling you anything earth shattering when I share the idea that blogging can be great for photographers. Most savvy photographers know that a blog alongside their website is a good thing. But does your blog win you enough business? Or is it more a a time-drain with very little return? Read on for my top tips on how you can turn your blog into a client magnet. 1. Post regularly. The best blogs have fresh content - that means posting ideally 2-3 times a week, but once is great