Design Seeds Colour Palettes: A haven of inspiration

Spring Greens by Design Seeds

Your response to my post on Blogstomp got me thinking that I should share more resources that will make your blogging and business journeys more fun. And so I am delighted to share Design Seeds with you. Have you found her on Pinterest or via her website already? Isn’t she fabulous?

I look at that image above with it’s fresh, Spring greens and I just feel energised and happy. It’s a primal, subconscious thing but green just speaks to me in a really powerful way.

Design Seeds is the brainchild of colour consultant Jessica Colaluca and she combines stunning images with inspirational colour palettes that I find utterly addictive. With the tagline For All Who Love Color, she had me hooked straightaway!

Here are a few of my favourite colour palettes.

I notice the colour palette more than the image in this one. Beautiful, earthy, grounded and green. Oh, and then the chocolate mint mousse – what’s not to like? Whipped Tones

It’s probably my Persian roots but I have a real thing for pistachios. And mustard yellow – gorgeous! Pistachio Hues

I’ve a bit of a thing for mustard yellow and grey right now. I’m considering how I can use it (along with a nice splash of teal) in our new sitting room. This is very grown up, very strong isn’t it? Door Tones

Pretty but with enough edge in the palette from the brown that it doesn’t feel too girly. Faded Flora

It’s that durgy, mustardy, limey green again with earthy undertones. Delicious.

This is quite a sweet colour palette isn’t it? Everything harmonises really nicely and sits very well on the page. Pasta color.

What I love about this website is that it feeds my creativity and encourages me to look at colour in a different way.

When we create a colour palette for a new brand identity we’re always very analytical: we look at the messages the client needs the brand to convey and we use colours, tones, textures and shapes to support that message. But we never do that in a vacuum, we want to create beautiful colour palettes that evoke the senses and it’s sites like this that inspire us with new combinations, tones or trends as well as feeding our creativity.

If you’re a designer: be it product, fashion, interior or graphics I know you’re going to find this website incredibly inspiring. But I also think there’s a huge amount of value in it for anyone who simply takes energy and inspiration from colour. What do you think?

Tell me, do you use Design Seeds already? I’d love to know how. Which of these colour palettes speaks to you the most?

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