Does your About Us page connect?

Why do you click on About Us pages when you’re browsing a website? Idle curiosity perhaps? A desperate attempt to find out who this company is and what they do? A desire to find out more about the person or people behind the brand and connect further?

In my case all of the above apply at different times.

I’m the first person to say that the copy on your website should be about your customer and their challenges rather than your business. But the same rules don’t apply to your About Us page. Your About page is your opportunity to talk about yourself as much as you darn well please.

It’s a bit like being at a party. You do all the right things – ask the right questions, listen, strike up a rapport and then the other person asks you about yourself. You need to answer! On your website your About page is your perfect opportunity to reinforce your brand position, qualify why you’re ideally placed to provide your product or service and most importantly, connect with your reader.

Vicki Knights, the photographer at the top of this post, does this brilliantly. She talks from the heart – reassures me, provides a little about herself that I can identify with and also explains (without boring me) why she’s qualified to do what she does so well. Importantly, she’s also got a great photo – eyes at the camera looking relaxed, engaging and reassuring.

Take a look at your About Us page – is it easy for people to see why they should do business with you? Can they see, literally see, who is behind the business? And have you reinforced your brand position?

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