Eight ways to make your blog images look lovely

So you can just slap your images into your blog and be done with it. And if you take beautiful photographs then that’s a good start. But if you’re anything like me you’ll like things to look nice, and just slapping in your images probably won’t cut it. So here are a few inspirations that I hope get you thinking about how to make your blog images look just gorgeous.

In my next posts I’ll do a bit of a tutorial on how to achieve some of these effects using photoshop. In the meantime, hold on tight for a bit of creative eye candy!

1. Polaroid Style


I love this. It’s simple and effective although it can get a little wearing if you use it too often.

2. Numbered Scrapbook/ Editorial Style

One of my favourite treatments of inspirational editorial images. I love the style of the numbers and the clean lines. I love how she’s pulled this together with a cohesive colour palette. Something I have on the Full Bloom development list.

3. Add some text

Easily done in Photoshop and looks gorgeous. I’ll be showing you how to do this very, very soon.

4. Watermark a caption

How gorgeous is this? It works because the font works with the image, the colours have been thought through and the subtle transparent band really makes a difference. I’ll show you how to do this very soon… (Image credit: the very talented Simple as That)

5. Montage by colour

Am I allowed to tell you I love this again? Or is it getting a little boring?! The fact is that I love the way all of these treatments work (just don’t use them all at the same time…). This works because of the fact that the images are pulled together by a very clear colour palette. And of course, because they just look gorgeous. (Image credit: Snippet and Ink)

6. Subtle black border

A favourite with photographers this always looks fab. Just a word of caution from my detail attentive friend and award-winning photographer Matt Pereira – make sure the spacing between your images is even. I don’t always do this on my blog and he’s right, it doesn’t look right unless the spacing is pixel perfect. My wrist is publicly and officially slapped Matt!

7. Montage with white spacing

A bit of white spacing always makes a selection of images look amazing – but do see my note above for caution! (Image credit: All Things Lovely)

8. Scrapbook Polaroids

A variation on a theme is never a bad thing is it? This keeps things fresh with the fun and quirky font and the coloured background. (Image credit: Decor8)

Now there have to be about forty other treatments that you could do with your blog images. Please do post your favourite methods below and I’ll pick a few to run some tutorials on and show you how to do them using Photoshop. Enjoy!

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