Embracing Brand Strategy

How well does your brand communicate? We’re not just talking about your logo, we’re talking about every aspect of your communication, from your email signature to your website, your business card to your brochure. And what about your next marketing campaign?

This is where some smart brand strategy comes in. We talk a lot about brand strategy here at Flourish and we believe that no brand can be truly great without some serious strategy behind it. It is by no means the most glamorous part of creating a hard working brand, but it is definitely the most important aspect of the process as well as being integral to the creative and business purpose of the project.


A well thought out strategy defines a business’ DNA, the very reason that brand exists, it’s purpose, it’s ambition and even depicts and captivates the target market.

“To me, marketing is about values.” Markets can change, products can change, people can change; but values should not. – Steve Jobs

So how is your brand strategy looking? Do you have a clear idea and understanding of where you are taking your brand? What is your plan for 2014?

First image found via Pinterest, originally from Bravo Company. Second image found via Pinterest, originally from Inkredible Art.

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