Starbucks Red Cup

Festive Drinks (& Branding)

Why is it that a small, seemingly insignificant change can make such a huge difference…?

Every year we find ourselves giddy with expectation and excitement awaiting the release of the famous (some may say infamous) red cup. We were all feeling a little bit jaded following our Christmas party this weekend (as I’m sure many of you can sympathise with) so it was off to our favourite coffee shop!

Maybe it was the smell of freshly ground coffee attracting everyone through the door, maybe it was  the cold and rain forcing people inside, or maybe it was the attraction of the brand…? We’ll let you decide, but you all know which coffee house we are talking about, and we haven’t even mentioned their name. Their cup doesn’t display their name but it is all so distinctive, now that is great branding! Like it or not, you can’t knock it.

Starbucks red cups

p.s. the festive drinks aren’t bad either ;)

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