Fonts & Photos: A match made in heaven

It’s not new news to discover we’re a bit font mad here at Flourish and when it comes to using fonts with imagery, we can’t get enough. Finding an appropriate and engaging concept for your brand photography can be an incredibly difficult task in itself, but creating the perfect marriage between your fonts and your photography can be the difference between “wow” and “WOAH”.

Any photo will create a mood; an instinctive emotional reaction that doesn’t just stem from it’s content, it comes from the colours, the tones and shape contrasts within it. Using fonts over imagery requires a clever balance of the right font, the right position and the right wording to really add positive visual impact. Below are some examples where a visual message can be taken to the next level successfully.

1. The movement of the font moves with the image behind it and its delicacy doesn’t tamper with the content of the shot.


2. The imperfection of the font and the shape around it makes the eye appreciate the clean, natural colours and lines in the photo behind. Which one do you look at first?


3. The composition of the shot deliberately leaves a beautiful white space for the typography. There are high contrasts of colour on both sides that make a brilliant balance and despite the dramatic impact of the font, you’re still drawn into the intimacy of the couple.


4. The busyness of the people behind is balanced with the static simplicity of the font in the foreground.


5. The quirky curls on this font marry with it’s wording, with a dreamy image to back up the overall message.


Do you have a strong concept for your brand photography? Are you using it creatively with fonts to engage with your audience?

Imagery sourced from MyFonts

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