From the studio this week: Alderley Pilates

Peter approached us towards the end of October thoroughly excited by the idea of rebranding his already successful pilates business, Alderley Pilates, based up in Cheshire.

With a big customer base and a fantastic offering, Alderley Pilates is doing many things right but their branding just isn’t communicating that clearly enough. Added to this, Peter is keen to open up opportunities of attracting a younger market, without losing his already loyal and dedicated current customer base. So at the start of November we pulled our ideas together and created a stunning vision board that would be the platform towards developing a sharper, more contemporary look for Alderley Pilates.

Peter has been traveling down from Cheshire over the recent weeks to come and visit us at the studio and to be part of this exciting creative change for him and his business. After presenting the vision board, we cracked on with some brand identity designs that we hoped would get Peter even more excited about the new heights that powerful branding could take Alderley Pilates.

An edgy colour palette, good use of clean lines and sharp angles, stripped-back fonts and grayscale photography are the brand styles that will bring out the best in this new image change.

Brand Identity: Concept One


Concept Two

Concept Three

What do you think?

We’ll be revealing which concept Peter has chosen towards the end of the week!


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