Full Bloom: the journey from the Flourishing Blog to our brand new blog {part one}

Do you remember a long time ago I asked for your help in naming our blog? Well after much deliberation and cogitation we settled on the name Full Bloom. We love the connotations of Full Bloom following on from Flourish – the concept of this being the place where businesses are thriving!

So why change the name from the Flourishing blog? Well mostly because we need to think big. We often receive lovely feedback from people who read the blog who see this as a place for creative inspiration and brand and marketing advice. And it really got me thinking. Why shouldn’t this be the place that people nationally, maybe internationally, turn to for inspiration for their small business?

But if that’s what we want, then we’re going to need to think much bigger. And we all agreed that we need to remove the direct link to Flourish from the name. Hence, Full Bloom.

Above you’ll see the final design. We went through quite a number of iterations to get to this point (and see my next post for the journey…). Either way it’s quite a change from our current design (below).

Back to the new blog design…

I love the creative orange-bordering-on-red (reflective of the passion, creativity and ambition) we wanted to inject. Orangey yellow for abundance, positivity and optimisim. We’ve tried to scale back the multi-colours from the current blog to give our designs a bit more space to breathe – but at the same time we didn’t want to go all grey and lose the life from the blog.

You know I love Californian design, and I think this feels just a little bit Stateside, do you? What with the serif font and the lovely kerning (space between the letters).

Eagle eyed visitors will also notice a couple of other changes. Firstly I want to put photos of the blogger next to the post (as long as it’s not me writing – you don’t need to see my face every time I post!) – so Stu will be setting the theme to automatically add the user’s photo as long as it’s not me. Secondly we’ve added in a second column for advertisers. Our readership is steadily growing and we are getting to the point where I would like to start thinking about introducing ads for businesses complimentary to Flourish and useful to the ambitious small business owners that read this blog. More details to come when we launch but do get in touch if you’d like to know more in the meantime…

We plan to get the blog live over the next week or so and I would love to hear your thoughts to the new design. And if you give me a few hours, I’ll share the journey with you too.

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