first concept

Full Bloom: the journey to the final design {part two}

Earlier I explained some of our thoughts behind the final design for the full bloom blog. And I thought it might be fun for you to see the journey we took. It’s worth bearing in mind that some of the early designs would never have made it to an external client – we’d have intercepted before that! But since I have a few mockups, I thought you might like to see them.

first concept

There were lots of bits to like about the first concept but ultimately we felt it was too monotone, too cool in colouring and that the yellow banner at the top was just too deep.

V2 was much better. We preferred the colours, the header banner was less deep and we’d added in a “Flourish presents” bit at the top to overcome the challenge of how we communicate that a design agency is behind the blog without plastering it everywhere!

We still felt that the strapline could use some work, and I was unconvinced about the colour. The social media bugs were also taking up a lot of unnecessary space so for V3 we wanted to tighten things up. The menu also still needs working on as it’s not right (but that’s easily sorted in WordPress).

And the final design. As I say, still some details to be finalised on WP – such as what goes in the menu at the top {services by flourish needs to go… replaced by categories} but in the main it’s looking gorgeous and ready to be built!

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