Have you planted your chard seeds yet?

If you’ve met Flourish at an exhibition recently or you attended our launch party then you’ll most likely have a packet of chard seeds. Why? Well more on that later… The point is that it’s time to plant them. I threw mine in last weekend in a rare moment of sunshine and I’m waiting expectantly to see some shoots. I feel a “chard-watch” post coming on soon.

If you haven’t sown them then it’s pretty easy. Rake your ground, clear it of any weeds and I scrape back a bit of soil a couple of cm deep and a few inches wide. Can you tell I’m not a gardener? If it’s proper gardening advice you want I highly recommend you take a skip and a jump over to my good friend Claire’s site: she will tell you how to do it the right way. Plant Passion’s Blog Me? I go for the “scrape back the soil, chuck ‘em in and hope for the best” approach.

So why on earth did a design & marketing company give away seeds?

We’ve given away more than 400 packets of rainbow chard, Bright Lights at various exhibitions and our launch party over the last couple of months. Giving away seeds has become a bit of a “thing” for us. It fits with our name, flourish, and it’s a nice metaphor for how we grow people’s businesses. The thing that I particularly like about rainbow chard is that it’s both beautiful and productive. And we make things look beautiful, but we’re also very commercial, we make sure it’ll get you a result. So there you have it!

If you’d like a packet of chard seeds then visit us at the Grow Your Business event in Guildford on 12th May where we’ll be giving away plenty more for free!

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