In the studio this week… A gorgeous new look for Mamami

I am thrilled to share the finished Mamami designs with you. You may remember me introducing Chet Patel’s business to you some time ago? I hope you’ll agree that the new editorial style branding, top end colours, beautiful pattern and thoughtful layout (as well as the stonking copy) totally repositions Mamami. And the point really is that this isn’t about doing anything other than communicating Mamami as Chet, her founder sees it in a way that will directly resonate with Mamami’s most profitable clients.

So often people think that branding is about smoke and mirrors. They think it’s about manipulating people to think something about a product or service that isn’t true. In my eyes that approach is utterly flawed. I’m not saying that people don’t do it; but it’s flawed because sooner or later you’ll get busted. Styling a brand, in the way that we do at Flourish, is much more about looking at what you have, at how people respond to the product and looking at how to present it in the most irresistible light. It’s about using colour, pattern, texture and type to create a look that is just gorgeous. And it’s about changing your current and perspective clients perceptions of that product for the better.

One of the things I really love about this project is that we’ve totally changed the look and feel without touching the logo. I have lost count of the number of people I speak to who want a new logo when actually what they need to focus on is the brand identity. I’m not suggesting that the Mamami logo wouldn’t benefit from some nips and tucks in the future; but as for what’s going to have the most immediate commercial impact: I think it’s pretty clear that the new brand identity and website are going to kick some arse.

The new product page

Quite a change from before! Clear calls to action, important things given the most prominence, less important things (like the awards won) moved out of prime spots and down to the bottom of the page. Gorgeous copy to draw in visitors and shipping information to encourage buying!

Take a look at what was there before, it just doesn’t have the same wow factor does it? Do you notice how the choice of fonts and colours on the new version makes the price tag (of £189) unblinkable? There is plenty about the original brand identity that is incongruent with the price point.

The Category Page

We designed these three pages initially which gave Chet plenty to go at when having her website rebuilt. Quite often when we design and build an ecommerce site we need to design around 10+ pages but I think it’s amazing what you can achieve with just three key pages. Right now there are just two bags, but plans are afoot for an exciting range of new designs so keep your eyes peeled. This page will come into it’s own as the collection grows.

Homepage banners

These banners slide and link directly through to the various pages on the site depending on the messaging. We’ve worked with Chet’s current photography and I think it’s amazing to see the effect that the right design can have around showing a product in a completely different light.

Aren’t those banners just delicious? Chloe has done such a fab job on pulling all of this together and I know that she’s really enjoyed the project, as have we all. Which is your favourite?

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