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In the studio this week… A new blogsite for the Flat Tummy Club

Kate Adams is an ex publisher of diet books turned bestselling author now runs the Flat Tummy Club – a club, based on her book of the same title, which has become the bible for those of us who want to lead a healthy lifestyle without the faddy diet rules and deprivation that so many books would have you on.

When Kate invited us to create a brand new blogsite to replace her website and blog we leapt at the chance! We’re big fans of Kate and what she does and couldn’t wait to wave our Flourish magic wand over the Flat Tummy Club and give it a well deserved makeover.

The Old Website Design

The old site was very much a website designed to promote the book, and it worked pretty well, but over the years Kate’s business has grown and her needs had changed. What Kate needed now was a blogsite that could work as a club – a place that she could share recipes, tips and inspiration and a place that Flat Tummy Club members could join the conversation and feel involved. We haven’t gone quite as far as a forum, but between the Facebook page and blog posts there are plenty of opportunities for banter.

The New Blogsite Design

This site is a real hybrid of website pages and blog posts and so it needed a strong structure and beautiful design to create the right impression. Kate’s photography is gorgeous so we wanted to bring her images centre stage and create more of a calm feel to the direction it had previously. The trick was to make it fit in with the book design but also reflect Kate’s calm and pragmatic approach to delicious healthy eating!

The post pages are clean, easy to navigate and put the image at the hero of the content. Kate’s photographs are really lovely and really create a beautiful atmosphere on the blog so it was important to let them shine.

The archive page is clean, simple and again, shows off Kate’s gorgeous photography. And you’ll notice that we’ve toned down the colour palette significantly from Kate’s original site – mostly because we simply wanted to reflect more of Kate’s philosophy and personality. Hope you like it!


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