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In the studio this week… a new Brand Identity and Blog Design for Inky Blue

How delicious is this blog design? Sara could be heard on all floors of the Flourish studio shrieking with delight when we presented her with the concept! She was absolutely thrilled at how we’d managed to both make something so non-visual as compelling as this and also how we’d managed to capture the essence of her. That’s one of the things that we take the most delight in – beyond the creativity of the design it’s the art of creating something that really encapsulates the person or the business behind the brand.

In Sara’s case getting this right was a careful balance of asking the right questions, listening intently to what she said and using our knowledge of colour psychology to help guide us. And it’s not always easy – in Sara’s case I felt that she might have a Spring with a hint of Summer personality in her, but as we got to know her and her business aims more it became clear that she was firmly in the Autumn camp with a very, very large dose of Spring (hence the shrieking!). And the result? Colours with substance, clarity and plenty of white space to communicate the bright energy and fonts with enough gusto to show that Sara means business.

Where it all began

Remember the mood board?

The brand elements

The logo

Illustrations, devices and patterns.


The typewriter ( you  have no idea how many times James refined this to get the right balance of femininity, strength and simplicity!).

James is just working on a few tweaks along with some typographic banners for the other pages and then we’ll be good to go. Exciting times!

Oh, and we can’t wait for this business card to be letterpressed. It’s going to look gorgeous. Utterly gorgeous.

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