In the studio this week… A new brand identity and blog design for Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Have you met Julie Hall of Women Unlimited? If you have she’s one of those highly inspirational, energetic and fun women you’re not likely to forget in a hurry. I first met her at the fabulous Women Unlimited conference in March and was quite blown away by the day she’d pulled together.

I’m sure you’ll understand then, that we were more than a little excited when Julie asked us to create a brand identity and blog design for her new venture – Lifestyle Entrepreneur. I’ll leave Julie to do the real explaining when she launches with a flourish in the Autumn, but I know you’re going to love the concept. It’s a blog designed to inspire those of us who are or aspire to be lifestyle entrepreneurs. This isn’t about running yourself into the ground, never having time to do things that make you happy just to reach that seven figure turnover; it’s about self fulfilment, a sprinkle of ambition and the awareness to create a business that works for you.

Julie loves the work we do at Flourish- the way we capture the person behind the business in the design and she wanted us to create an inspirational backdrop for something that is going to be a fab blog. I always think that working with a creative person can be a fun challenge because excitingly, they understand the importance of getting this right and they often know enough about design to want to have a hand in the process. This project was no different and you’ll see the twists and turns along the way as we worked hard to create something that both met the brief and felt right for Julie. I hope you like the end result as much as she does!

The mood board

Bold colours, inspirational images and buttons and graphics with just enough quirky substance to know that this is a welcoming and friendly place to hang out.

The initial design

The initial design is packed with colour and really gets across Julie’s energy. Too much pink for sure – so it needed toning down, and Julie felt it was just too in your face. The next iteration was to be all about natural tones, textures and colours with more of a handmade feel.

Revision Two

Sometimes you need to see what you thought you wanted to know it’s not right! In hindsight it’s certainly a million miles from the initial mood board, but that’s sometimes how these journeys can go. Back to more colour and less sketchiness!

Revision Three

Aaaah! Much cleaner, more sprightly and much more inspirational. Waaaay more energy than before and getting much closer to Julie!

Revision Four

And here we are… The final blog design ready to be constructed! I love Julie’s final copy – like the strapline – Create a business that rocks and a life full of promise. And I really can’t wait for it to be launched. I do hope you’ll check it out once it’s live…

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