In the studio this week… A new video for the Branding Masterclass

I’m really excited to share the new Branding Masterclass video with you. We recorded it last Friday and I spent much of Wednesday editing it all together, with James working frantically behind the scenes to put together the fab stills with all the lovely student testimonials.

I never thought I’d say this, but I really enjoyed creating this video, and I think that was mostly down to the team that worked on the project. James, one of our Graphic Designers, worked on the visuals, and I just love how they look. Remember the video from before Christmas? We hadn’t formalised the brand identity back then, and I just love the fresh, clean look James has given the testimonials. Dani, our Account Exec was a real trooper. She did the recording as well as charging round styling the “set” (aka a corner of my kitchen!) with me and cheering me on! And Adrian Kirk, who you’ll meet next week properly, who helped me get a bit more of my sparkle onto the camera.

I wouldn’t say that I struggle to speak in public (what am I saying? Those of you that know me well know that I love it!) but I’ve never been one for am-dram. I was never in any plays at school and I have zero to none experience of performing on camera. So even though I felt pretty happy with the original masterclass video, I hope you can see a difference in this one?

Adrian was amazing at getting me relaxed, helping me focus on my message and get more of “me” across on camera. I know I have some way to go, and I’m not quite ready to be a TV presenter yet (ha ha!) but I think he achieved great things in just a few short hours. I’ll definitely be working with him when we produce our next video for Flourish.

Behind the scenes…

The “Set” and Adrian and I discussing the next take

We spent the morning practicing in the studio which was great for practice, but the light is pretty dreadful, the dark, tudor beams make it a difficult set to work with and most of the rooms have phones in, so we were convinced that we’d end up with a great take that was ruined by a phone ringing halfway through. Our studio is so lovely and charming when you’re actually there, but it’s really not great for the camera. So we decided to up sticks and relocate to my house, which has lovely light and a few more props on tap to make things a bit more beautiful!

I was a little concerned that a home setting would look a little unprofessional, but ultimately this is a class that most people work through from home, so we felt it made sense. Hey, if I had a funky loft studio that might have done, but I did feel very relaxed in my own home.

We had to do a little shifting around and remove all of my personal photos but I think it worked out quite nicely. And it was a real shame we couldn’t have got my pretty tissue paper pom poms in on the shoot, but they were a little out of context! I’d made them for my daughter’s birthday and they did look lovely, but maybe a little irrelevant for the video?

I loved the excuse to rush out and buy a new dress (well obviously?!) and get my hair done (not sure that you’d know it especially but it felt nice to be pampered ;-) ). Is it just me, or do you do that before a photoshoot as well?

And the music…

Oh, and one last thing. The music. When I bought the music before Christmas I fell in love with the emotional feel it had to it, it seemed just perfect for the masterclass. Uplifting and a bit spine tingling at the same time. But it really bugged me because I knew that it reminded me of a pop song, and I couldn’t work out which one. Nor could anyone else I spoke to. And then I realised, it’s Mika! And it all makes sense…

Ok so the sentiment of the song isn’t quite what I’d have chosen ;-) but I think the melody is perfect. What do you think?

And the thank you’s

Thank you so much to some of the lovely Branding Masterclass students who supplied such fabulous words. I really appreciate it ;-) And so in order of appearance…

Lisa Whitty

Emma McLaughlin

Vicky Tipton

Tracy Stonard

Isabel Nieto

Gabriella Buckingham

Chrissie Slade

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