In the studio this week… A new website and blog for Leda Sammarco

Yehey! It’s been quite a week in the studio for getting websites live. Stuart has a number of quite chunky ecommerce sites to finish off this week and next but he certainly hasn’t been twiddling his thumbs recently! I have a whole host of delicious websites and blogs to share with you over the next week or so, and I just love this blog we’ve launched for writer’s coach Leda Sammarco.

Leda has been working with us for some time now on her brand identity (you may remember me blogging it back in March?) and we recently launched her new website and blog.

I love the journal style design of Leda’s blog and the clarity and cleanliness of the design.

I know that Leda loves the ease and simplicity at which she can update her website because she sent us this lovely email last week.

Hi Stuart,

I would like to say thank you for all the expertise and hard work you put into developing my website and blogsite. 

I’m really thrilled and other people who have seen them really like them too.

It’s also been great to get your guidance and patient explanations on some of the technical details. 

Knowing that the back-ends of my website and blogsite are very user-friendly is fab – I never used to enjoy updating my old website, but it will be different with Nourish!

Many thanks again

All best


It’s things like that which make our jobs worthwhile ;-)

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