logo design and stationery mockups for craft business

In the studio this week… three delicious logo design concepts for embroidery designer Katie Pirson

Katie Pirson is an utterly lovely embroidery designer based in London. Despite being just in her twenties Katie has a wealth of experience, training and expertise in needlework and costume design and approached us to help her create a brand identity for her business. Katie has just taken on a studio and was ready to up her game. She’s a renowned embroidery teacher, takes on commissions and is looking to expand her business into the younger market.

Whilst the crafts are enjoying a resurgence at the moment, needlework still has a bit of an image to shake off – old ladies cross-stitching samplers aren’t the only thing that embroidery has to offer you know! And so very conscious of Katie’s age and ambition we were keen to create an identity that was fresh, funky, fun and distinctive.

Here are some of our initial sketches from the brainstorming and our colour palette.

colour psychology Autumn palette

Katie’s brand was always going to be Autumnal – the handicrafts, the importance of quality and the substance of Katie’s training are all core to her values. The warmth of Katie and her passion for her craft also shone through and made Autumn the logical choice. We’ve taken the brighter colours of the Autumn palette (the Spring side of Autumn) to give Katie’s brand extra sparkle.

The fonts and illustration styles that we’ve chosen reflect inspiration, friendliness and a feeling of uplifting handmade quality that we know are all traits that Katie was keen to communicate.

Concept One

logo design by flourish guildford

The font choice is deliberately curvy and elegant. There’s a beautifully inspiring quality about it which speaks volumes when just sitting alone. These colour choices reflect quality, passion, excitement and vision. The pattern style is directly relevant to the craft of embroidery, highlighting the intricacy of the craft.

Personally I love this font, I think it’s just beautiful! Here’s the logo in context.

logo design for craft business

Concept Two

logo design by flourish guildofrd

Again, we’ve chosen font that really takes ownership of the page and creates a recognisable stamp for the Katie Pirson brand. The zesty green creates a feeling of optimism, inspiration and friendliness whilst the rich purple brings home the quality, vision and purpose in your work.

logo design and stationery mockups for craft business

Concept Three

Probably the ‘safest’ logo style of the bunch, this option is a stunningly simple font that’s brought even more alive with a bespoke, simple border.

We’ve introduced some mushroom illustrations that tap into the fun, kooky and creative side of Katie Pirson. We all fell in love with the idea of a mushroom following Katie’s work that she showed Fiona and the idea to use this within one our concepts popped up in the brainstorming quite lot. So we had to honour it!

So what do you think? This is currently in development after lots of very positive feedback from Katie. Of course we’ll update you with progress as we go, but this was just so delicious I couldn’t help sharing it with you!

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