In the studio this week… three logo designs for Gray’s Dairy

I do love a good old logo design and at Flourish we’ve been flat out over the past few months on some very exciting projects. Some we’re allowed to talk about, some we’re not, which makes it even more exciting for the days when we’re allowed to spill the beans! But more on that another day…

One of the projects that we’ve all absolutely loved working on this Summer is Gray’s Dairy. I love the concept, love the clients and we all love the outcome and are super excited about designing the packaging and website next… The Grays are tennant farmers at Polesden Lacey, a beautiful National Trust property just outside Leatherhead in Surrey. Rob’s family have farmed there for more than 80 years, and have bred their Ayreshire herd there since the 1940′s.

Times have changed for many farmers and the Grays are no different. They have invested in (I’m not quite sure what) lots of equipment to help them produce milk which they’ll then sell direct to the public via their barn in Bookham village as well as to local shops, schools and hotels. Over time they’ll expand their range into other dairy produce: cream, yoghurt, drinking yoghurts and perhaps cheese or ice cream.

Their brief was to create something fun, family oriented and that was worth going out of your way a little to have on the table. Rob was also quite a tough customer – he didn’t believe that we could create something that he liked ;-) . I’m delighted to say that we have! And you can see the results below…

The brainstorming session with Rob and wife Kathryn was a lot of fun. It also helped us tap into what was important to them. You can see their moodboard in the Flourish video (behind Rob, our Senior Graphic Designer’s head!) – it’s very family oriented and fun. We knew that given their heritage background, the fact they work outdoors and the family aspect to things that in terms of colour psychology they would be Autumn (warm, muted and intense colours, slightly wobbly lines!). The Grays are passionate about animal welfare as well as the quality of their product, and so that all added to the case to put them in the Autumn camp in terms of colour psychology.

Anyway, enough of the brief, to the logos…

Option One: How now brown cow

logo design by flourish

I really like the simplicity of this one. For some reason it makes me think of “beef” (which I guess isn’t great with a dairy herd?) but I love the iconicness of it. And here it is in context…

logo designs by flourish for grays dairy

Option Two: The cow jumped over the moon…

logo designs for dairy produce guildford surrey

Well that was the inspiration behind the logo anyway… Rob (Ingle – our designer, rather than the client) sketched this out by hand and then we made it work digitally. I love the fun and frolickness of this one and the character within it.

And here it is in context… I particularly love the brown spots and the grass – I’m a sucker for a good bit of styling around the logo!

logo designs in context

Concept Three: Spotty Cow

logo design for grays dairy

I love the pretty, happiness of this cow. She looks contented and well looked after, whilst looking funky and fun at the same time. My six year old didn’t “care for” the blue cow (too much Cbeebies perhaps?) but loves the brown version below. Which is just as well, because that’s their final choice, sculpted and refined by Caroline and Chloe with feedback from Rob and Kathryn.

I can’t wait to bring this to life on the website and packaging, in the meantime I thought you might enjoy the sneak peek at the logo design process for this local dairy.

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