In the studio this week: Website design for Unsung Lilly

We’re over the moon to be designing a website for the amazing new band Unsung Lilly and we’ve been busy in the studio this week putting visuals together following the vision board session. The band are going to great heights having recently gigged at Belfast Pride and featured on the NME site this week. Big congrats guys!


Here’s where we’ve taken the design so far and with a new photo shoot happening next week we’re all excited about getting this one live. So the photos we’ve used on the design are just placeholders for now but capture the right mood and style that we’re keen for them to achieve in the shoot. There are still a few tweaks to make here and there and the logo font might change but it would be great to see what you think.

‘The Story So Far’ Page

With so much happening and Sera understandably wanting focus on social media because she knows it works so well for them, we’ve worked hard at achieving a careful balance of design and content so the viewer is taken on a journey around the page.

What makes this design so clever is that the image space on the right can be used in what ever way the band wants it to be, so the template can stay the same throughout the site but each page can actually look very different. The images will be a mix of videos, links, colour blocks, download links and alternating photos that slide so it really can be a very diverse and interactive space that adds energy and excitement for the viewer.

A diverse right hand space

Focusing on the details

What do you think of the Unsung Lilly design? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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