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Inky Blue: Playing with paint

Creativity’s a funny thing isn’t it? To continue to produce work that pushes boundaries you have to be prepared to experiment, to take risks and to try things out. But you’ve also got to be prepared to look critically at an idea and question whether it’s working or not. That’s got to be easier in a team hasn’t it? A creative team where you can push each other and also challenge each other – blissfully ignorant of the blood, sweat and tears that may have gone in to getting something to a certain point!

For Inky Blue we were inspired to have a play around with paint – testing out ideas and exploring opportunities. Ian, our highly creative Account Manager and skilled artist is quite a dab hand with watercolours and sketches, and so we challenged him to see what he could come up with.

We loved the idea of a logo that was made of watercolour – playing on the idea of it being “inky”. This wouldn’t work for every business, but we felt it was practical enough for where Sara planned on taking her business. Interestingly though when it came down to it, gorgeous as the painting was, it just lacked the substance and strength we needed for the brand.

A font with real substance and strength, but actually we decided to ditch the watercolours.

Ian’s typewriter painting. Sara loved these but we just felt that they would be better executed as graphical icons rather than the whimsy of watercolour.

And a few more watercolours – in this case lovely but not right for the brand.

We liked the idea of juxtaposing old and new writing implements – but actually the iPad lacked a little charm!

You can see where we did take the brand in my earlier post – hope you like where we ended up and I hope you’ve enjoyed a sneak peek into our creative journey! It’s been really fun to share and I’ll certainly plan to share some more like this with you soon. Have a great weekend.


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