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Introducing… Applegarth

Remember I told you we had a couple of foodie websites to work on? Well we’re delighted to be creating a new ecommerce website for Applegarth: a country deli and restaurant based in Grayshott, Surrey. We visited last week and I have to say, the place is gorgeous – a really beautifully kitted out deli and a restaurant with a menu to make your mouth water. As well as that there is a childrens play area, a Cookery School, fabulous events and plenty of exciting plans in the offing.

Will wanted a website that better reflected the offering down on the Grayshott site as well as creating a more enticing and easy to use online shop to expand that side of the business. We’re excited to be using Shopify for this site which is a great tool that enables you to create and have control of your  shop online without the investment that you’d expect if you went down the bespoke route. It’s not right for every business, but if you’re starting out or looking to grow that side of your business, it’s a really good platform.

The current website

current site

This design just doesn’t reflect the quality and gorgeousness of what’s on site at Applegarth. It’s clunky in terms of design and the layout is hard work. The logo was created a couple of years ago using a crowd sourcing platform and I don’t think it quite has the flair it might. We plan on cleaning all of that up as well as using a much more aspirational colour palette and all the attention to detail and creativity you’d expect in a Flourish design.

The mood board

How do you like where we’re going with this? We wanted something that felt rustic but still had a feel of quality and elegance to it, so we’ve toned down the IT consultant blue and introduced a more muted palette of blues and browns at the heart of things. The typography will be quirky but male and strong – I love the unashamed manliness of the Applegarth experience and I don’t want to lose that in the new site design.

Obviously with any food website, photography is key and fortunately Will is a keen photographer, so armed with a copy of Helene DuJardin’s Plate to Pixel and a strong brief Will is currently down on the farm shooting like it’s going out of fashion. The idea behind the imagery is lots of beautiful diffused (natural) light, complementary styling and keeping everything feeling very natural and appetising.

James has already started on the design work and it’s looking gorgeous! Just working on a few more bits before we can share but I’d really love your thoughts on the mood board - do you like where we’re headed so far?

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