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Introducing… the Mood Board for Inky Blue

Sara Dean is a business writer who who writes engaging words for companies. She works with companies like Diageo, Punter Southall and Customer Essential and brings clarity, structure and an engaging style to each project she works on. Sara has a strong background in corporate marketing communications but has recently chosen to specialise in the field of business writing – less ad copywriting and more internal communications, nevertheless Sara needed a brand identity that looked professional, creative and impactful.

Sara asked Flourish to create her a knockout business card and blog design that would encapsulate the Inky Blue brand values and personality as well as making her memorable.

We’ve really enjoyed working on this project – not least because Sara is an absolute delight to work with (and see my post on the concepts for how she reacted!). The mood board is an interesting one because for once it really doesn’t have many photographs on it. And this is because whilst Sara wanted something visual, we all felt it would be quite contrived to use stock photos of loudspeakers or other “communication tools”. Urgh! So instead we opted to create typographic art – inspired by the sort of stuff you’d find on Not On The High Street, using some of Sara’s words.

We also explored the idea of watercolours because we weren’t certain after our first meeting whether there was any Summer in Sara’s personality (definitely not!) and we thought it might work well with some writing implements.

Actually on presenting the moodboard we decided against watercolour images, even though Sara loved the concept, because they were just a bit too namby pamby for the brand – we wanted strong and impactful icons that could be letterpressed beautifully on to print and sit neatly on the blogsite.

Sara loved the colour palette which as you’d expect was pretty heavy on the blues, but also featured plenty of complementary colours to keep things fresh and engaging. Monotone colour palettes rarely work on their own – they lack the dimension, energy and personality that work so well when you bring in multiple tones don’t they?

Love to hear your thoughts as always!

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