Joules and the power of outstanding customer service

A few members of the Flourish team were recently given the fantastic opportunity to attend the SheerB2B Social Media Conference in London and over the next week or so Dani and I will be sharing some insights from the day. The day was incredibly inspiring and insightful, but the presentation made by Steve Shroud – Head of Customer Services for Joules really got me thinking.

Outstanding Customer Service is at the heart of Joules. The customer is their most important person, they never want a customer to be disappointed, and they always want them to come back. It all sounds incredibly simple and it’s something we all strive for, but how much emphasis do we put on this as businesses?

What do you do to put your customers first?

Joules is steeped in heritage, and although they have grown from a humble stall to 54 UK stores, their brand attributes have stayed the same.

Joules say that they are ‘blessed’ with their people. People who genuinely care and have empathy with their customers. Key to their success though is their emphasis on the brand, nurturing their Brand Ambassadors (some who have been on the journey with Tom Joules from the beginning) and always recruiting with this in mind.

Obviously the look and feel of the Joules brand has developed over the years, but the brand attributes have stayed consistent. Joules focus is on outdoor living, heritage and quality. The brand is classic, dependable and aspirational which is why they continue to be a market leader.

Since launching Flourish nearly 2 years ago, our brand image has evolved (hopefully you like our new blog!), but our message and ethics have stayed the same. I think outstanding customer service comes from understanding your customer, believing in your brand attributes and communicating this successfully through all of the channels available to you, and by all members of the team.

How do you incorporate your understanding of your customer needs into your brand? What do you do to communicate your brand with passion? And how can you get your team to do the same? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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