Blogging Workshop

My first week at Flourish

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Wow! A week has passed already, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?!

It has been great meeting, speaking and working with everyone who has popped into the studio, everyone who has phoned and everyone who has passed on their well wishes – you have all made me feel so welcome!

It has been wonderful working with the team and seeing some great projects as they develop and being welcomed into the design process – I have been blown away by the attention to detail all of the projects receive. The team have been so welcoming and I would love to continue to make everyone’s experience of Flourish as fun and welcoming as they have made mine.

I have had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Vanessa Corrigan who came into the studio to review her project (which we will be blogging about in the next week or so – keep you eyes peeled for that one!) accompanied by Bernay Laity. Im sure you all know about the connection with Bernay and colour psychology (you can read about colour psychology here), and the team have been trying to pass on the knowledge that they have to a very enthusiastic if not wholly proficient pupil, I’m sure I will get there and will let you know how I progress.

Blogging Workshop
It was great meeting everyone who attended the Blogging Workshop on Thursday, I hope that you left feeling as inspired as you made me feel, I am sure I will catch up with you in the coming days and look forward to reading all of your blogs.

Lastly, for everyone who wanted to see Teddy (I know this is the only reason you have read this far), he will be with me in the studio on Friday so I will make sure I post a picture for you.

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