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Neon Love

I’ve been thinking a lot about flourescent colours recently. It all started when I went to New York and I seemed to notice a lot of “flouro” as they call it over there – in shops like Kate Spade and Purl Soho and also just in what I was drawn to. I serendipitously picked up a pink neon pen for my scrapbook from Muji, and then as soon as I hit the styling class, there were splashes of neon everywhere.

Isn’t it funny how that sort of thing happens? You have a germ of an idea in your head for a while and then suddenly, bam, it hits you all at once!

Back at home Easy Living magazine featured neon and then, lo and behold, the king of middle England Johnnie Boden sent me through a catalogue with neon on it! And you know what? I really think it works.

In small doses I love a bit of neon. I think it adds a real edge to something that would otherwise be very tasteful and safe, and it’s good to funk it up isn’t it.

Neon and Colour Psychology

In terms of colour psychology, neon sits firmly in the Winter camp. It’s bright, intense and incredibly dramatic! A little definitely goes a long way.

We’re going to be experimenting with a splash of neon for homeware and gift company Pablo Blue and I’m really excited. It’s pushing our client ever so slightly out of her comfort zone, but she’s really up for the experiment and we’re looking forward to creating something that lifts her brand out of the safe but bland zone into something much more compelling.

We’re also using edges of neon for Love Interiors to give it a directional and design led edge.

Neon colours carry the same properties as their less flourescent counterparts: so neon pink is still feminine, warm and nurturing, but the neon, winter edge brings with it a level of edge that mean that the coolest brands can carry off this colour. And if you’re afraid of neon, remember that Liberty of London pull neon off incredibly well and it signals their commitment to high end design.

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