Now that’s what I call a success story! Flowerona 6 months on…

Many of you will know of my fabulous VA and wonderful blogger Rona Wheeldon of Flowerona fame (tweeters may know her as @organisedPA too…). And you may remember my blog a couple of months ago announcing the launch of Rona’s new venture, Flowerona, a blog devoted to her love of flowers.

One of the things I love about Rona is the fact that she never does things by halves. She’s a quiet, methodical and incredibly dilligent worker rather than someone who follows the bull in the china shop approach. And blimey has it paid off.

The difference that made the difference

Rona bothered to think hard about her blog before she launched it. She’s passionate about flowers, a trained florist and loves to write. So a blog related to flowers was a logical step. But the point is that she made sure she had a niche before she started writing. There are plenty of florists who blog. But there isn’t quite anyone doing what Rona does. Tick in the box at step one…

Rona also made sure that she was consistent. She set up regular columns and quickly got into the habit of posting daily. She took her blog seriously enough to invest in a decent design at the outset. And she learned to take gorgeous photos. More ticks in more boxes.

She also spent time working out how to optimise her blog for the search engines. Which meant that the posts she wrote for the Royal Wedding received tens of thousands of hits over a seven day period. Not bad for a blog that’s less than a year old, hey?

As if that wasn’t enough, Rona announced some very exciting news today. As a direct result of her new blog, Rona has herself a new (thankfully part time ;-) ) job – as a columnist for Wedding Flowers magazine. Now that’s what I call a success story.

Congratulations Rona, your story just goes to show how passion, dedication and dilligence really do pay off. Will you join me in wishing her a huge and very well deserved congratulations? And do hop on over to her blog, flowerona, if you haven’t visited yet, it’s full of creative inspiration.

Images: Rona Wheeldon for Flowerona

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