Phew! What a week…

One of the top ten rules of blogging is to never, ever apologise to your readers for your lack of a post. After all, it’s pretty embarrassing to show those new readers who have never visited your little space on the internet the fact that you’ve been remiss in posting: people probably won’t notice will they? But I know that many of you lovelies will have visited the Full Bloom blog over the past seven days and we’ve been a little mortified that we haven’t shown you anything new ;-) So what are rules if they’re not to be broken? I’m going to apologise for our radio silence over the past week.

We have been utterly flat out on some really inspirational creative projects and despite our best intentions, I’m afraid we just haven’t managed to find any spare time to do these gorgeous projects justice. Add to that my son’s fourth birthday (where does the time go?!), the start of the Branding Masterclass and the onset of a nasty man-flu (for me anyway!) and we have been simply flat out, both in the studio and out. Here’s a little Instagram roundup of some of the things we’ve been working on over the last week or so – normal service will resume very soon, I promise!

This was the week that was…

Creative illustrating and painting concepts for a new brand identity and logo design for a software house.


Refining and developing logo designs and the brand identity for a brand new lettings agency in Guildford, Surrey (our home town).

Refining the concepts for a brochure design for an international interiors firm based in Guildford who have offices across the world. Ian has created a beautiful skyline sketch of London, Singapore and Sydney. We’ll share the full project once it’s signed off!

Working up new concepts for a website design for a very lovely and longstanding client. The challenge: to create something that maintains the feel of the brand whilst moving it forward significantly. No easy task and I suspect LOTS of work to be done before we nail this one!

Creating a mood board and new website design and brand identity for a lovely wedding planner.

Creating a new brand identity, logo design and website design for Brindian – more to follow on them very soon. They are going to be massive! Watch this space ;-)

And eating lots of birthday cake to fuel our creativity…


Ps. If you’re on instagram do come and find me – I’m fionahumberston – you’ll find a mix of work and a lot of homey things on there too – be lovely to see you!

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