Powerful blogging: what’s the difference that makes the difference?


Blogging isn’t easy is it? You work all day (and sometimes into the night) with the day job and then somehow you’re expected to find the time to blog. And for goodness sake, does it even work? Is it even worth it? You hear horror stores of people putting in dozens of hours a week with nothing to show for it and it becomes scary.

Having blogged for my own business for the last four years I can categorically say that it does work. Blogging has helped me develop relationships with my current and prospective clients, showcase our work and gain recommendations. I’ve also gained countless speaking gigs from the back of it and forged some online friendships along the way. And on top of that, we gain a good chunk of enquiries and clients through the blog. It has certainly become a core part of my marketing mix and something I’d be loathe to do without.

That said, it takes time (that I don’t have) and energy (which as a mum is often in short supply) and determination. There are times when I just don’t think I’ll be able to find the time to blog, and times when I’m so busy that I just need to let it go for a week or two. But you know what? The world doesn’t stop turning just because I don’t blog for a day or two.

After four years I hope I have a healthy attitude to my blog and social media. I know that I’ll get out what I put in. And I love to put in a lot, but not at the expense of my wellbeing. And I think it’s that attitude that really makes a difference.

In preparation for my Blogging Workshop on 22nd September (do join us if you can, there are only a couple of spaces left and it’s always fun) I got thinking about the difference that makes the difference. Here’s my thinking…

The difference that makes a difference

Focus. A great blog with a strong and loyal readership is focused. The author is clear about what they write about, what their focus in and how that feeds through to their business. And if the blog is your business, this still matters (see my case study on Flowerona for more info on how she has turned her blog into a business).

Consistency. Of design, of the frequency of posts, of the tone of voice. I guess it’s about being authentic. Think about your favourite magazine – you buy it because it has reliably consistent content around a theme or a genre. It speaks to you and it inspires and motivates you. It’s the same with a blog.

Design. Blogs that have consistently high readerships are well designed. It’s easy for readers to find their way around, pleasurable to look at and the branding complements the tone of voice.

Generous. With information, with positive energy, with knowledge. We read blogs because we love to learn, we love insights into someone elses’ business of life. Positivity is key and a feeling of “not holding back” information also really matters here.

Passion. Passion is contagious. It keeps people coming back for more, it enthuses them to tell their friends and it helps them engage with you. Passion is one of the key words people use to describe my blog and I think if you look at most successful bloggers you’ll see passion right up there as a key attribute.

Those are my thoughts. How about you? What do you think is the difference that makes the difference in the blogs that you read?

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