Powerful Ecommerce: Goodwill… What does it matter anyway?

There seems to be a school of thought amongst many online retailers that price and search engine optimisation are king, and everything else is unimportant. Now whilst I’m not going to argue with the fact that price and being found for what you sell are crucial, many ecommerce businesses fail to place customer experience at the heart of their websites and ordering processes, I believe, to their detriment.

There is no doubt that things have got tougher this year. Discretionary spending has decreased by an average of 30% and retailers need to be much, much smarter about how they attract and retain customers. Ecommerce isn’t just about making a fast buck out of customers once. A truly successful ecommerce business, like any successful business, needs to gain repeat business. 

New customers are the most expensive, and difficult type of customer to acquire. But if repeat businesses is king, why do so many online retailers fail to plan effectively to get their hard earned customers to buy again? Over the next few posts I’m going to give you some examples of situations that could have easily been avoided.

Generating goodwill matters

The sad truth is that if you have the best product, at the best price, then you will of course sell product – whether you have a wonderful customer experience or not. I suspect you won’t be maximising the opportunity as much as you might, I suspect that you could make a lot more profit with a wonderful customer experience, and I know for a fact that you’ll generate more repeat business and more recommendations.

Retail is all about making customers feel good about what they’re buying, and that matters just as much online as it does offline. I just wish that online retailers would remember that!

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