Powerful Photography: Images for your website that don’t rely on stock cliches

One of the huge challenges we have as website designers are finding images with the wow factor. If you run a tangible business – perhaps you have a catering company or are a band – well then that’s pretty straightforward. You find a decent photographer, give them a focused brief (preferably from your branding company who understand the impression they want your website to create) and job done! But what if you do something intangible? Perhaps you’re a solicitor, a management consultant or – well, a graphic designer?

How do you break out of the cliches, avoid stock photography and create something that feels really you?

I think what’s key is that you’re creative. And if you can’t be – then pay someone who is! You really want to avoid using stock photography if you can help it, because it just doesn’t help you differentiate yourself. And if you’re going to use stock, then you need to be creative. We had that very same challenge with Customer Essential – I wanted to use images of customers but they just felt wrong. After much brainstorming we settled on a concept of A Journey. And that has worked really well.

On the Flourish website we’ve avoided the photography problem altogether by creating a very bespoke set of illustrations. The joy of doing this is that they’re unique to us, people don’t get the sense they’ve seen it on five websites before and they have a very tailored feel to us.

What could you do on your website to break the cliches? How do you bring your business to life and share your story?

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